Thursday, May 29, 2008

{Moms R Us}

This is for Groovie's May Challenge to do a LO for a mother and use up whatever precious stash I have and to include her favourite colour in the LO. I used Rhonna Farrer's PP which had been sitting in my Cropper Hopper file for some months. The PP is too pretty to be used up, as precious as it is to me, so is my mother who is much more dearer to me.

Incidentally, I'm a mother myself, and this the journalling is from a mother cum daughter to her mother.

This is for my mom with lots of love from me:

Journalling Says:

It's funny how when I was growing up, we were at constant "loggerheading" each other. But now we're so close, eversince I've been a mom myself. I grew to see and learn the wisdom that you've been drilling in me the past few years. That's the beauty of motherhood, it binds the hearts of mothers together. And out of that, I begin to see and appreciate much more, how much of unconditional love you have still towards me and to Daren. You're always there for us no matter what even at the expense of your own busy schedule. I love you mom, for all that you are.

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