Friday, July 11, 2008

Felicia Scraps Away on Project Scrap-Away Challenge 8!

Thought I'll stop with my entries and shine a spotlight on this fabulous, imaginative, technique-savvy scrapper from the local scrapping scene in Singapore. This talented babe is none other than Felicia on FeliScraps. I've learnt much just from viewing her scrapblog, on the various techniques she's used and experimented on her own LOs and altered projects.

Her scrapblogs are one of the few that I enjoy looking at, drawing inspiration from.

It's also via Felicia's scrapblog that I got to learn about Project Scrapaway! It's really interesting that the name and concept is similar to the world of project runway =P

Felicia is now on her 8th round of the challenge for the Project Scrapaway, a theme of Black and White for this round. I love Black and White! I love it more so in the form of photography, I personally find that it speaks alot more than colored photography! I love how the colours Black and White are able to portray as much emotions as their coloured counterparts.

I sincerely wish Felicia all the best in this challenge and hopes she gets through and perhaps win the challenge too!! So Felicia, I'm here rooting for you in my own small manner and giving you honourary mention on Project Scrapaway in my scrapblog.


feli said...

wow! thank you so much sophia! :) i'm happy you love visiting my blog.. it makes my day.. thank you thank you! hope you get lots of techniques out from my blog and use them in your projects and layouts... :)

feli said...

hey sophia, i came across the memoiracts blog.. it's an interesting blog! are you the owner of the blog? :)

Sophia said...

Hi Feli
Eh, Memoiracts belongs to my friends and they made me as their working partner i.e. DT for their project kits as well as conduct some classes on their kits =)

Edleen said...

have to agree with you on Felicia's creativity! let's hope she will win this and shares her prizes with us! hehehe...

wishing you a Wonderful Day Sophia! :)