Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's my privilege and honour to share

that I've been invited by Penny Smith to join

The Story Matters Design Team.

*Jaw drops*

Ok, she had asked me couple weeks back =) I was really stunned and awed by the invitation and I enjoyed looking at the site and taking in all the inspirational work done by the awesome DT members. I'm still on a learning journey you know?

I thought about it for a brief while and accepted Penny's invitation.

I'm really looking forward to working along side the rest of the amazing DT members from The Story Matters and to learn from their styles.

It's a inspirational challenge site.

From what I see, it's really to challenge us to give more thought in journalling the details in our scrapbooking as well else what matters deep down in our hearts, memories from a distant past and our beliefs.

Do hop on by The Story Matters site yah? Challenges are up fortnightly! =)
Here's my take on this fornight's challenge:
Description: Dancing had always long been my passion way before marriage, children and even scrapbooking! I enjoyed the arts of modern dancing, tap dancing, jazz and even hip-hop! So much so that my husband and I took a crash course in learning how to salsa for our wedding day! But alas! Child birth and inactivity had caused me to pile on the pounds and I stopped dancing for a long while. This challenge is just but a walk down memory lane for me! I've thrown out my dancing shoes a long time back so I had to google for a pair of lovely tap shoes on google. Credits of photo by Diana DG.
Journalling: Well, I did danced the best of my hippie yuppie years! Looking back, it was really a huge part of me, it still is in fact; in my memories. There are times where I still do wonder if I would still be actively dancing this day if I've not had my boy yet, but that's always been a fleeting thought. Now the only dances that I enjoy are watching dance performances, dance-inspired movies & occasionally dance away with my little boy at home. Life is but a dance, we need to be in tune to the music in out hearts, be led by the Spirit within, flowing with the love & life in our hearts. Sometimes we might not be able to please the judges of our world with pleasing performances; but so long we dance with a clear conscience, a pure heart & with a free spirit, we dance for ourselves & our loved ones. Whether we or rather I get to dance on a reality show or not, it doesn't really matter as I dance to my own beat of my heart.
Thanks Penny and the rest of the TSM DT for this awesome privilege once again!


Wendy Kwok said...

Congrats Sophia... saw from the site you are made DT!

Sophia said...

Thanks Wendy for the warm wishes! =)

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

WOW ....Sophia, so great that you tap !! Tried it a few times, but the rythmn just would not stay in my head *LOL* ..... the teacher got irritated with my clutziness. When I watch the tappers in Nura's class, they make it look so easy !

redoaklines said...

congrats!!! you totally deserve it. your scrapping style is amazing! :) go girl go!


Sophia said...

Hey Aida
Thanks for dropping by! Yes I did tap-dancing when I was younger till my poly days. I totally loved that compared to ballet!! LOL! Thinking of picking it up again, but knowing me, it'll be a long while before I try it again.

Thanks for the well wishes =) I'm excited as well!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

woooooohoo! this is awesome! so happy for you :D my girl, Sasha is on that team too! yayyyyyyyyyy!!! You go girl!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Hey woman....CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
So proud of ya :)