Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Altered gift for my SGGF

SGGF = Secret Groovie Galfriend
This happened over at Groovie Cafe sometime back in June/July this year.


My SGGF didn't guess it was me till I asked her if she liked her gift at the crop party at my place recently.


I seriously hoped she liked the gift coz I liked it!!!
(Hah! Thick-skinned am I not?!)

Anyway, thought to share that altered work with you since it's been revealed that I'm her SGGF. It was a plain wooden heart-shaped container with handles.
All I'm sharing is a finished work. I didn't think back then to snap photos on a step-by-step basis to show and tell.
But I'll explain along the way what I did so that you could replicate something similar.

Here it goes:
Before I started to mod-podge the patterned papers down - using SEI Winnie's Walls line; I've painted the handles and edges with Making Memories Paint. Used a chocolate brown and a funky vintage color.
This is the front side

Close up of the work. I totally love those American Crafts Glitter Thickers! Makes it look Groovie!

This is the other side. Do not be fooled!! The little square is actually a mini picture frame.

I believe it's 2.5" x 2.5"

I left a little secret note so she could measure the cardstock note against the photo she might wanna put in.


See the word "PURE"?

It's stamped on and then I used Glossy Accents to go over it to give it that embossed look.

Coz this galfriend here ain't got no heat gun and embossing stuff! I gotta improvise!

Once the glossy accents was dried, I love the feel of the glossy bumps of the letterings. Feels like the real thing!!

This is the side view, I couldn't let it look empty!!

So I stamped some florish pattern and again, used Glossy Accents to go over it to give that embossed feel.

My favourite all time embellies!!! Buttons!

Ain't they pretty??

I hope you liked this piece of simple altered piece. I spent a good 3 hours or so completing it. I guess once I've decided on the concept, the color scheme, everything else flowed pretty easily.

Give it a try!

The main thing you will need is Mod-Podge!! it helps stick your paper down and you gotta coat a thin layer over to seal it in, makes it slightly water resistant.

No embossing heat gun? You could use Glossy Accents to "fake" the embossing effect and still turns out beautifully! It's great for when you rarely do any embossing work!

For the frame, you could cut out small strips of chipboard backing (those you find behind your mat stacks of cardstock or a stack pack of pattern papers?), play with the width and length and stick it down. I sticked down the bottom and top piece (horizontal pieces) first as they help to "raise up" the side pieces so that you could slot in the picture/card easily (from sideways that it)

Play around and see what works for you yah?

If you had liked this altered work and explaination and had done something similar, share your work with me!!! I would love to see it! Just link back your project to the comments on this posting.

Can't wait to see what you've come up with!




hariyani said...

dats really really GROOVIE sophia!
i love those thickers as well :)
and a mini frame at the back?.. WOW! :)
nice work!

Anonymous said...

wow that's outta control creative!!! ...and groovie of course ;)

and yea, those thickers are super fun!!! you totally turned that frame into something uber cool!

i'll have to take pics of my altered project tomorrow. :)


ps-i totally LOVE hillsong as well! :) thanks for playing it on your blog, so i can listen to it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Nice to see you over on my blog!
Yep, I totally dig your style, so I linked to you! :)
Love this altered project, it's so creative and cute. Well done!

TheresaK said...

Love what you did with the frame & the little plaque!

eMeLiNe said...

Lucky galfriends :) :)! btw, love Hillsongs too !

Edleen said...

Sophia, when you passed this to me, i thought it would be nice for me to have it for myself! hehe...

lucky that Groovie Girl! ;)

i think it's time we met up for some makan and chic chat yeah? meantime, have a wonderful rest of the week and take care!

jazsutra said...

indeed lucky that groovie gal ;) enjoying the nice work i see here at yr blog ;)-jaz

scrap-myself-silly said...

Sophia .... your altered art is a work of heART ! So thoughtfully done. I love the PP combi and the many buttons u used :)

kiss kiss

Devilz Angel 堕落天使 said...

Oh, I sure love this secret gift... Thanks Sophia Dearie!