Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm thankful for ....

Your Support!
This week over at The Story Matters, it's a "I'm thankful for... challenge"
Take it as a time somehere in the midst of our scrapping schedule to just give thanks!
You might say, "But Sophia, it's been a bad and harrowing week, things are going downhill, what else is there to be thankful for"
If you are a believer like me, let us give thanks that Jesus' grace and mercies are new every morning, that He will give us the grace to overcome and handle whatever situation that we are faced with.
Or the fact that His Word is stable and unchanging in this times of chaotic, unstable changes.
And for the non-believer friends, we can be thankful that we still have the love and support of our spouse, our children, our loved ones.
The little and great blessings that we have had been experiencing for the past year.
Nonethless, I'm sure you have something to give thanks for!! So take this time to reflect and think about it and do a LO - it could be all design with lots of journalling or a photo of the person/s that you want to talk about.
In this case, I'm thankful for Dave's support to me, during my 10K women's run some 3 weeks back. I can never ever emphasize enough, how much my husband's support means to me, coz we are One Flesh! I hope in return I've been a good sport in supporting him too.
Here's my layout.

Close-up shots of the details.

My heartfelt journalling:

I hope you liked this one =)

Dave is coming home to me from HK today, so yay!! Am excited to see him home again. I think Daren will be even more uber excited to see his daddy.
In my being in a super thankful mode, I've changed my playlist to a list of Christian worship songs. I hope it not only blesses you who are believers, but to those who are non-believers too. If it offends you, just press stop the player k?

It's some of my all time favourite songs through my life's journey.
I love the 1st song of the list. It's a more recent song which just moves my heart.
Below is the lyrics of the 1st verse and chorus to share:

I have never walked on water. Felt the waves beneath my feet but
At Your Word Lord I'll receive Your faith to walk on oceans deep.
And I remember how You found me. In that very same place
All my failing surely would have drowned me.
But You made a way.

You are my freedom. Jesus You're the reason.
I'm kneeling again at Your throne.
Where would I be without You.
Here in my life. Here in my life.

(Word and music by Mia Fieldes - Hillsong Publishing)

On another note:
Something else to make you thankful for as well. I'll be giving away another RAK. This time a humble paper RAK!

Leave me a comment to share with me what are you thankful for lately k??
Will be looking forward to seeing your comments.
Will be updating this post later with some pictures k? So check back for the updated photos.
1st one to leave a comment for me will also receive a special surprise RAK (and still be entered for a chance to be randomly drawed for the paper RAK)!!

I'll do the random draw on 23rd November 2008 (Singapore time)

who is every thankful for His Grace and Wisdom.
There! I've finally found the time to take a picture of the humble, paper RAK.
I hope you like it!!! Do take time and share with me what you're thankful for k?
You still have till 23rd November 2008!


scrap-myself-silly said... I the first ?

scrap-myself-silly said...

Love the clustering of embelishes (is that a legitimate word?) hehehe...noticed that ur style is evolving...maturing...i love them all Sophia & u know that!

On a side note...

I am thankful for....
- everyday I am here on this earth...(corny but true !)
- the many blessings and opportunities I have received
- the people who support and love me unconditionally
- the friends I have gotten to know thru scrapping...u guys inspire me!


eMeLiNe said...

apt reminder to be grateful to the Good Lord. :) Nice style u have !

~Sasha Farina~ said...

love the cluster work Sophia!

SimpleMinded said...

I am thankful that every downs will have it's up... recently feel a bit down, but I am looking forward to the ups!

Devilz Angel 堕落天使 said...
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Devilz Angel 堕落天使 said...

I love the cluster of flowers with the buterfly.

Thanks for asking us to think what we are thankful for. I'm a lazy scrapper so this gives me an idea what subject to scrap next :P

I'm thankful for:
1) Having supportive family & friends who will always be by my side during my down times
2) New friends met in the journey of scrapbooking / cardmaking who have been encouraging and selfless to share tips & techiniques.

Ailei said...

Hi Sophia! Really like your layouts, I realised you use a lot of floral and butterflies in your LOs. You must really like them. I find your LOs very 'embellished' without being messy. Thanks for sharing.

And to share, I'm thankful for:
1) God's grace in giving me strength everyday to take care of my 3 monkeys- Daddy + 2 monsters
2) In provision of a job for Daddy despite the financial crisis
3) finally, my 3 monkeys and my family.

Scrappin-Chocolate-Charlotte said...

Hi! Would sure love to have the RAK.

I am thankful for:
1. To be blessed with excellent health so that I can take care of my 3 little munchkins
2. To be blessed with a beautiful family
3. To have a good job

erna said...

Hi.. nice layout you have there! Esp the flowers and butterflies..

The thing I'm thankful for is to have a hubby who would massage me everyday coz everyday i'm feeling tired carrying the baby in my tummy =)

neopet_junkie said...

Opps! Turns out I commented at the wrong post.

I am thankful
- that I caught this post in time :)
- for my newly expanded family
- for close friends who has gone through a lot with me

bbhome said...

I love the clustering in your LO !

I'm thankful each day to be with my family.