Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

By both the gorgeous Sasha Farina and Sarah De Guzman!!
Ok, my dear Sasha had tagged me 1st but I've been procastinating big time on what to share (so sorry babe!!). Till this had caught up with me via Sarah that I know I cannot run nor hide!!!

*Deep Breaths*

So this is how the deal goes:

OKAY, 7 random/weird facts about me.

1) I talk in my sleep at times! There was once I woke up cursing the devil and praying in tongues! (it's just a one-time thingy)

2) If I were to find the "perfect" top for my frame and size, I will buy a few pieces of the same top BUT in DIFERRENT Colours.

3) I lurve, lurve, lurve Ben and Jerry's ice-cream!

4) I love to play with my make-up! Experiment new make-up products and applying the works to "practice" my "skills" in my room, before bathtime that is.

5) I gave myself a baptism name 8 years back - Rebekah. So theorectically, I'm Sophia Rebekah Soh (Hui Ying - Chinese name) but by then, everyone knows me as Sophia (it's been my name for the last 28 years anyway!)

6) I've just started on a "collecting acrylic/rubber stamps" craze. I seriously hope that it'll be shortlived!!!

7) The meaning of name is wisdom.

There you have it!!!

So I'm gonna randomly and lovingly pick out lovely, scrappy friends to play along. =)

Thanks ladies for playing along with me! Hope to see your 7 random facts k?




feli said...

hehe... interesting 7 random facts you got there sophia.. :)

Renoa said...

Wowwe the 1st one sounds scrarry hehehe~ I've done this before in August hee but will do the tag again soon! Thanks babe! :D

Anonymous said...

hehe, well thank you for playing along! :)


scrap-myself-silly said...

Thanks dearie for tagging me..
now will go ponder about 7 things about myself...

And Rebekah is such a pretty name...shall call u Becky next time I see ya hehehehhe..can?


Sophia said...

Aniza dear
I'll likely not respond to you calling me Becky coz not used to it!!!! LOL! You can try and see if I respond =P

I think even my DH also don't know or remember that my added baptism name is Rebekah =P

Vivs said...

teehee...i agree! Rebekah is a unique name and goes well with sophia rebekah :)

thx for the tagged babe! will try to the re-tagged again heheh

Penny Smith said...

OK, If I am any indication, the stamp addiction may not subside!

Had to come visit!! Have a great weekend!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

hah!! i talk in my sleep too!! LOL :D

bbhome said...

hehe I love ice-cream too. !!