Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Layout

Just had to do this layout 2 nights ago!

I received my boy's pre-school performance photos on Monday (it's a graduation ceremony for those in Kindy 2 class of 2008)

He looked so adorable (grouchy actually, but still cute!)

Title: School Dance


I love the owl stamp on the punched-out scallop circle! I pierced some holes on the scalloped edges to give it some "feel" to it.

I used my LUXE Cocktail Dress Strips pattern paper as the background, Fancy Pants Daily Grind patterned paper and K.I Memories Sheer Delights. I'm amazed at how the Luxe Cocktail range was able to compliment the photos! (They are from my Luxe Carrie kit, btw).


You know, I've been scrapping a fair bit and making Christmas Cards but it seems that my paper stashes are never ending!!!

I'm a horrible horrible paper hoarder!!!

I've stopped buying excessive hoardes of patterned papers since July this year as I get them in the kits which I subscribe to (Scarlet Lime and LabelTulip), unless there are some that appeals to me but not found in my kits.

I've been digging out those papers that looks perfect for the Christmas cards but not something I normally use in my LOs.

So after some layouts this week and 11 Christmas cards later, I thought my mountain of stash would be a hill or something.... but still stayed as a mountain.


I's a good problem I'm having.

And this means I should be spending less right?

Well, not exactly...

I mean I spend definitely alot less as compared to the beginning stages.

But who can resist new stuff?


Ah well...forgive my ranting. I'm just overwhelmed!

Maybe I can stop shopping for year 2009.

Let's see if that's a possible new year's resolution!


TheresaK said...

I need to start using my stash too!! I am beyond hoarding!!!!

redoaklines said...

i love how you pierced the scallops! great touch on that! i will definitely have to use that on one of my projects! ;)