Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And I'm Back!!!

I'm physically back in Singapore!

But somehow I'm not all that back home.

Some parts of me I think I forgot to pack into the suitcase when coming back!

Anyone has got that post-vacation feeling?

And I was due to hand in some DT assignments which I took awhile to get to as I was rather mojo-less.
Funny how my mojo and creativity took a longer vacation than I did!

I think it was the pre-vacation status - busy and high-strung and everything was rushed rushed. And the major episode of flu (which I spent the 1st few days resting in Australia).

Now that I'm back home, I'm feeling a little lost.

Anyway, I just hope it's just a temporal phase.

I've tonnes of photos from my holidays!

Gimme some time to get organized to go through and arrange my photos, to slightly process them a little before sharing with you all. Likely it'll have to be via my Flickr account.

Oh yes, just to share a LO I did for DreamGirls before I flew off and it was launched before I got back:

The challenge was to use ALL Black and White patterned papers with a one-colored, hand-made embellishent. I made a folded flower (I remember seeing this on someone's blog ....I think it was June who shared the link of a famous someone who shared this). I hope you liked the LO.
In the meantime,
I wanna thank all of you friends for taking time to drop by and say,"Hi!!"
I really appreciate all the love and well wishes for the new year!
I promise I'll get to you ladies and leave some love as I take some time to recollect what I've been doing before my trip!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

the layout is gorgeous!!! *hugs*

scrap-myself-silly said...

Sophia !!! Welcome back sweets !!!
Elegant LO and fab photo of yourself...very come hither muahahhaa....

Catch up soon yah !


verysherry said...

Are you settled downn yet? Wanna lunch wif u again! U are dearly missed.

redoaklines said...

so glad to have you back friend! love the pp, and great pic! :)


hariyani said...

welcome back sophia! :)
i love the LO! its so classy & elegant! i hope mr mojo will be back soon coz i cant wait to see more LOs from you!

Edleen said...

so glad you're back! *hugs*
lovely lovely LO there and we'll catch up soon Sophia :)

there's an award for you @ my blog :)

TheresaK said...

Welcome back!!
love the layout, so pretty!