Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Do!

I just got home from a gruelling 6-hours in the hair salon!
Chinese New Year is round the corner and it's that time of the year to give my "crowning glory" a new do - new layering, new perm and new color. And of course, I did a pedicure in between each hair treatments.
My hair was washed 3 times in a row!!!!! By the 3rd round, my scalp felt a little sore from all the washing but I must admit I do like the head massage bit while my tresses were being shampoo-ed.
Color of my hair? - Red highlights with a burgundy base.
I'll get Dave to take a few photos of my new "crown"
Also, I'm recovering from a minor op I had on my right arm/shoulder area yesterday to have a cyst removed. Experiencing some numbing/pulling pain currently but it's tolerable.
It's a day surgery, nothing major really.
I was operated on under L.A so I was conscious when the surgeon did the gig on me, just that I was on my side and my face was covered so I didn't get to see what's going on.
I wasn't scared or a tad nervous really.
I mean, after having gone through an emergency caesarian birth (under epidural) after being in the delivery ward for nearly 10 hours in 2006; this little 4cm incision was nothing.
But thanks to friends and groovie scrappers for your love and well wishes nonetheless.
I do hope to get scrappy this weekend for some LOs.
I have lots to scrap but a little lazy to have the photos printed.
Yes yes...I need to process my Perth trip photos and have them loaded up to my Flickr.
In the meantime, to my fellow Chinese Scrappers, have a Prosperous Lunar New Year!


redoaklines said...

oh my! i hope your shoulder is feeling much better. anyway, recover fast so you can create more inspirational things for me to look at! hehehe.

also, happy lunar new year to you (i am celebrating it because gloria's family is chinese)... i can't wait for all the food and the MOON CAKE! :)


Ailei- Adeline said...

Woah...op just before Chinese New Year...hope u recover in time to binge out. Yes, we will definitely be back this time for CNY (for a month!!!) Yippee! Got a little RAK for u too. Hope to meet up with u!

June said...

Have a good rest. Happy CNY !!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Happy New Year Soph!! 6 hours! o-my!

Dolores said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

verysherry said...

oooh....can't wait to see your new hair! Happy CNY!