Monday, March 16, 2009

DreamGirls - If I were a Rich Girl...

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na...

(to the tune of Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl")

Ok, I can't help but keep thinking of that song each time I did the my layout for the challenge.


And yes, DreamGirls is back with our mid-March challenge!
Prompt: Use title if I were a rich girl

Twists: Use some green on your layout & we want to see bling

Here's my take on the challenge:

You know, I was just browsing the DreamGirls' entries and I was thinking in my head "Eeeeks!!!! My layout pales in comparison to their gorgeous layouts!!!"

Suddenly I found it a little tad plain!

But then again, the rest of the Divas have been consistently been bringing their scrappy-goodness time after time!!! They are a source of inspiration!!!!

I do hope you like my take on this one nonetheless!
Be sure to play along with us for this challenge and submit your layouts by linking your layout in the comments at the DreamGirls' blog!!


How was your weekend??

Mine was pretty tiring and slightly burnt out! So much so that I just went to bed really early at 10.30pm!!!! (I usually stay up till 12 plus 1 am)

I had a gorgeous time with Sherry on Friday evening after work. Coincidentally, as I was leaving my campus office, I decided to call her up to see if she was still on campus and whether she would have liked to meet up for a quick drink before our respective dinners. Turned out that she'll be having dinner alone that evening as her husband was due to attend his colleague's farewell dinner. Coincidentally, my husband had a dinner appointment with his out-of-towner colleague (from Germany).

So we met up for a nice, all-girls-no husbands-around dinner at Hog's Breath Cafe. Had their yummy steaks (my first time there). We sat there from 6pm to about 8.30pm - lots of catching up and fun, nonsensical chat!!! So much so that their service staff weren't paying much attention to us and we waited quite awhile for them to collect our bill. We ended up deciding to just bring the bill and our money to their cashier instead.

We then walked around abit and went to get some yummy ice-cream dessert at Awfully Chocolate's. Yumz! I had a really fun girly-girl time! Thanks babe!

Come Saturday, Dave and I both woke up at 6.45am to be at the local hospital by 7.45am.


Because both of us had volunteered to be simulated patients for the annual, local medical exam on the soft skills for the final year medical students. Since we're paid (and considerably, it's good money), we were there for both a.m and p.m sessions. Of course at the end of it, we were both really zonked out!!! I fell asleep right after dinner at 8pm, but woke up again to get a quick shower, settle some emails and went right back to bed again!

Come Sunday, as I knew beforehand that both of us were MIA from Daren on Saturday, we had planned to bring him for the Children First Singapore International Festival for Children - a play meant for children his age, aged 2-4 years old, called "In The Garden". It's also great timing for us as our live-in domestic helper had her day off! So off we went to The Arts House!

[I really love the view of The Arts House, I think I should go back there to try to take some nice pictures and practice my "compositional" skills for photography.]

Both Dave and I really enjoyed the session with Daren. It's a really new concept, being Dave's and Daren's first exposure to the performing arts scene, Daren really enjoyed himself, chuckling and laughing to the funny scenes that the performers had played on his imagination. It was a short 30 - 35 minutes session but it's money well spent!

And to the request of our dear son, he wanted to bring his airplane to the airport, we drove up to the Changi Airport for a short excursion. We had lunch at their staff canteen and off we were to the viewing mall in the airport! Daren is really fascinated with airplanes and many a times when we were at the airport, he would ask us to bring him to sit in the airplane!!!

We can't help but laugh among us adults...but seeing his eagerness and genuine-look on his face, we had to tell him that we will plan for another overseas trip but not so soon. We have to save up the vacation money first. Poor boy, he does not yet know about having to save up for certain's different from being able to instantly gratify oneself with direct shopping.

Soon my boy, soon. In due time, daddy and mummy hopes to bring you to Hong Kong's Disneyland at daddy's next work trip up to HK!

Be patient my child, be patient.

In this case, if I was really a rich girl, I would bring my husband and son to see the world along with me!


verysherry said...

I had a great time wif u too!!! Looking forward to our all-girls-no-husbands date again this Wed!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Hi! This is my first visit to your blog...I truly enjoyed all your scrapping creations! You do fantastic work! Glad you got some great girl time...always a good thing!

Anonymous said...

your layouts for dreamgirls are just as fabulous!!! i always love seeing what you come up with.

sounds like you've been completely busy with so many diff. things. i've got that if i was a rich girl song in my head now. haha.

by the way, for why i was thinking of ending ROL is now on a post on my blog.

have a great day,