Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Pink Sketches is back with Sketch #28:

And here are my layouts:
(I did an extra layout to cover for dear Sarah)

Journalling: This is our family's 1st time to the Singapore Flyer on 14th Feb 2009. We became Friends of the Singapore Flyer.

Supplies: Paper - American Crafts, Alphas - American Crafts and Prima Marketing, Buttons - Sophia's own

Journalling: This is your first meeting with Levion for a playdate at the zoo. Both of you were taken to each other instantly.

Supplies: Paper - Sassafrass, Alphas - American Crafts, Tim Holtz Adage tickets, Dymo Tape and Buttons - Sophia's own.

I'm having a ball of a time playing with those Sassafrass papers! I'm hooked! In fact, for the {Playdate} layout, I like the behind pattern so much, I'm working on doing another simple layout on the back too! These gorgeous double-sided pattern papers can't be wasted!

Will share the back layout once it's completed!

How was everyone's Easter weekend?

Mine was rather packed and then, I have the onset of a nasty cold coming my way now.

My family was off to the zoo on Good Friday and we arranged to meet up with Dorcas and family too. It was also a playdate for both our older kids, for them to interact. They were so cute together!!!

Daren was quite friendly towards Levion, and well, Levion took sometime to warm up to us all. But once she warmed up, she's a really warm and friendly lil' girl!!!

It was crazy crowded at the zoo I tell ya! The queues were snaking but Dave and I decided that we would renew our Friends of the Zoo membership and so we did! (It helped that the Q for that was shorter as compared to the regular entrance tickets Q).

We reached at 10.15am... we finally got in at 12pm! Even the Little Tykes Explorer Wagon had a wait list! So being the typical, sensible a.k.a kiasu Singaporean that I am (kiasu = scared to lose out, loosely translated), I left my name on the waitlist for a wagon so that we could ferry the pre-schoolers around. It was a good thing I did that as half and hour later, they called me and I had an available wagon! When I got to the counter, there was an Indian man demanding why can't he have the wagon as he was back there twice! The service staff politely told him that this is because I had placed my name on the wait list. Then again... I remembered having to ask the staff what was the clipboard they were holding to for... and I had to ask if I could be on the wait list.

The wagon was a good rental investment! The lil' ones enjoyed sitting in it and getting pulled around.

We didn't get much pictures this time round though while walking around. But we did get some cute shots of the little ones in their wagon!

Then there was the waterworld at the Kidz' Rainforest area. But our poor babies didn't get wet much and it started to drizzle/rain! Everyone was making a beeline for the limited shelter spaces. Daren and Dave continued playing in the rain ( since Daren is wet anyway, Dave reasoned.)

I could see and tell that Daren was really enjoying himself! Levion had to be out of the rain as she had just recovered from a bout of fever not too long ago. But she was really concerned about Daren and kept asking to "find" him. So I brought her out once she's dried and dressed, with an umbrella of course. So we stood in the rain with an umbrella watching Daren running around the waterplay area. But soon, the drizzle got heavier and heavier into a potential downpour, I had to get Dave to bring Daren out of the waterplay to dry him up. Gosh, we're so NOT going to let his grandparents know that we allowed him to play in the rain, else we (the parents), will get an earful from his grandmothers!!!

Our Friday ended on a wet note.

Weekends came and we spent our weekends recuperating from Friday!


But we had some nice family time with Dave's mom to celebrate her birthday (in advance as Dave will be out of town) on Saturday at a restaurant nearby our place. I had to ask Dave to convince his mom not to cook and to keep the prepared dishes back into the fridge (we would be back at her place for dinner on Sunday instead) with the help of Daren's asking her in his limited Cantonese.

I mean, it's her birthday!!! Don't let the birthday gal do the cooking. Bring her out and pamper her with some family lovin!!!

She was a really happy lady on Saturday night. =)

Indeed the bliss and warmth of family gatherings really leaves wonderful memories in our hearts! It's these little things that we do to show that we care, even though we have to "insist" and "convince" our loved ones to do so. At the end, happy memories are what lingers behind!

Don't you agree?


scrap-myself-silly said...

Awww ... ur layout so cute ! Happy belated Easter bebs !

meganklauer said...

Fantastic layouts this week! You really rocked the sassafras! And lovin how you used the flower and your title work in the first one!

Jennifer Y said...

I just LOVE your style! Beautiful take on the sketches!!! :)

missyblooger said...

Sassfrass Lass Sassfrass Lass.
You gg to be hooked on them!!
Lovely Layouts My Dear =)

Anonymous said...

Good work with the Sassafras Sophia!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I simply love Sassafrass Lass and I LOVE your layout! Great job!

verysherry said...

hahaha! Daran has a gf now eh? so sweeeeet!