Thursday, June 26, 2008

LO for MemoirActs' S.A.M Challenge

{Celebration of friendship}
This is for MemoirActs' 1st year celebration at SingaporeArtsMuseum. I've been working closely with the wonderful ladies for the past 1 year, since the birth of MA. The past one year had been a tremendous journey for me, I've learnt and grown along the way, having had my capabilities being stretched along the way which contributed to my growth as a person.
I don't just want to celebrate the 1 year mark, but I want to celebrate the friendship I have with Cheng and Angie. What really bonds us was our passion for scrapbooking, of wanting to preserve the beautiful memories of our own individual family unit, of wanting to learn and pick up new techniques together to enhance our LOs. As we grow together as working partners, so
did our LOs.
The beauty of SB is that it transcends beyond the fact that despite each of us being so different, from different walks of life, we are bonded nonetheless by this one passion : the very act of making our own memoirs of our family and love ones via SB. Thus, that was how MemoirActs came about.
(Click on pictures for clearer view)
For this LO, I used: BG's Scarlet Letter PP as the main background (old stash but perfect for this picture), corrugated craft paper (red and black), Teresa Collins Journal It PP, Prima Die Cut Strips and 7Gs Theme stickers.




missyblooger said...

very nice layout you got there !!
very pretty =)

Sophia said...

Thanks dorcas for the compliments! Thanks for dropping by my scrapblog and leave comments too =)