Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello July!!

It's been a good month in June and now Hello July!!!

I just received my Scarlet Lime June Kit over the weekend and wow! I'm bowled over and drooling over what I see in the kit. Can't wait to get started on doing up some LOs using the kit. I got started with one of D's backdated photos done up by a pro-photographer. It's a picture of him in his angel wings - photoshoot session done in Nov'06 with some other mummies I got to know from a local mummies' forum. Yes, that's a really long time ago where he was just 10 months old and now, he's turning 30 months!!

I enjoyed scrapping during the past month , participating in the various challenges organized by the various scrap-sites, coz it really helped me to use my my stash! Despite having gone through my PP and other stashes, I realize what a hoarder I've been...I actually have more than enough materials to last me till end of the year and maybe even beyond!!

So do forgive me if you secretly think that it's unacceptable that I've been scrapping with "past season's" PP. LOL!!

I'm not too sure how many of us scrappers are like that. We buy the PP that we-heart at the point of time in our LSS, just only to keep it for a few months to admire while finally, made the decision to use them up by finding suitable 'owners' for them a.k.a the right photos.


July is a truly special month for me.

Reason being:

1) My cousin is getting married on the 5th of July which was also the date that Dave and I officially started dating in 2002.

2) My bday is in July (won't disclose here which day)

3) Dave and I tied the knot on 24th July 2004.

4) I'll be coordinating 2 church weddings in July as well for my home church.

5) I'll be participating in SHAPE run this year...gonna try for 5km

What a beautifully white July it will be for me this year!

Honourary Mention:
MemoirActs had extended the dateline of their SingaporeArts Museum (S.A.M) LO challenge till 18 July! You need to include S.A.M as part of your photos or Art as your theme. Prizes are really attractive as the winner get to walk away with $100 worth of products as well as MemoirActs vouchers. So what are you waiting for? Pop on by S.A.M for some phototaking with your children/loved ones and come participate in this challenge =) Just email them with your entries yah?

Some sidenotes:
Readers of my scrapblog, do leave your comments behind for me from time to time to yah? As an encouragement to me to know that I've got readers, LOL!

And for that, do stay tuned to this scrapblog as I'm planning for a RAK giveaway! (Pictures to come when it's ready soon)

Have a nice July!


Aida Haron said...

Honestly where does it say using last season's papers is wrong ? *LOL* It's the kiasu, disposable Singapore mentality where anything a few months old is *bleeaaah*, like handphones. Scrap how you feel like, with whatever you feel like, it all boils down to who you are scrapping for and what makes you happy. I have stuff from 4 years ago that I still love, mostly from from DCWV like rub-ons, they are classic.

Sophia said...

Hi Aida!!
It's an honour for me to have you come visit my blog and leave your comments! I'm a huge fan of your works!! =)

And yes! I still love my stash PPs bought like months or even 1 year back! Sometimes, gotta go with the feelings and the flow of the PPs with the pictures! Sometimes, a particular photo might need the particular PP from way back that the stores no longer carries =)

Thanks for visiting my humble blog once again!