Friday, August 15, 2008

A LO on Shape Run 2008

Did this for a challenge, or rather contest in Creative Scrappers Forum.
It's for a No Title LO contest and based on a sketch by Kristine.
I thought it would be worth a try since I've never done a LO without a title!

Creating a "garden" of buttons. And attempting to layer them!

My journalling on recycled strips of the bottom of the PP (blank flip side). Idea was courtesy of Ed and Renoa (Groovie Gals)

I played with MM Passport 12 x 12 Die Cut Stamp, Hamblys, K.I Memories Bloom PP and some items from Scarlet Lime's June Kit. Actually the papers from a mix from Scarlet Lime's June and July kit except for the Hamblys =)
Buttons, well, they are my own =P
I did the SHAPE run on July 20th 2008. My 1st Shape run. (Thought of doing it before Dave and I plan to conceive a #2 =P)
I didn't quite prepare myself physically for it as I did for Aware women's run last year (thanks to Abbott - I was on their Reductil programme).
I clocked about 46min this time round. Considered a feat for me as I've not been exercising for many moons!!!!
Dave and I were just dicussing about #2, when would be an ideal time for us to "deliver" the baby. I mean, all these are just plans, but at the end, we commit them to our Lord and Maker. As we are in the midst of walking out of our "Egypt" and nearing our Promise Land, we thought perhaps a June/July baby would be nice. =)
So with that.... I signed up for another run with my gf. The Great Eastern Run - 10km.
It's a whopper isn't it? But I'm determined to at least achieve a 10km run in this life time, before conceiving #2 and future brood of little Chans.
I'm not much of a runner actually.
It's just that, I want to push myself, to prove to myself that I can actually do this long-distance thingy, whether I like running or not.
It's actually quite therapeutic....but the challenge? Getting started to train physically for it!!!
I'm better off sitting on my bum and scrap away!
But, I need to do this for myself, for my health and for my family.
What about you? Is there anything or goals that you want to achieve in this lifetime?
Share it with me!


Jana said...

Really great page... I love the colors and the layering. Great job in both completing the run as well as doing the page! :)

Martha said...

Awesome page! I'm so glad you've joined us at Creative Scrappers. Love the blog too!

Anonymous said...

short term goal - finishing all of this packing. moving really is just a pain!

Carol A. said...

I totally love all the buttons Sophia....wonderful job on the sketch and on the run!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the race! I used to love running pre-kids. I did a half-marathon in 2004 (2h 9min) and I'd love to run a full marathon sometime in my life. I haven't gotten back to running since I had two kids just two years apart, but I fully intend to get back to it *soon*.

Love the LO!