Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prelude to Pink Sketches #3 to be revealed on Sunday.

How's everyone doing?
Thanks for all your concern with regards to my little tyke. He's all better already! Now we've got to bring him back to the doctor to certify that he's well and back in the pink of health.

My boy was scarily quiet on Monday and Tuesday, not a word or single sound from him at all! The mouth ulcers was really painful for him to not wanting to talk too much. We got worried with more of his fluid intake as we needed him to stay as hydrated as possible.

Come Wednesday, he was drinking slightly more than the first two days. Managed to have some semi-solids (Quaker Oats) and by Thursday, he's back to eating more and he opened his golden mouth and started singing a little!!!

By Friday, our boy is back to his usual self whom we missed so much. My husband asked ," You're back!! Where have you been all this while?"
I'm just glad his back to his usual self. It was trying for us, to see him go on a fluids-strike (I could fully understand the food-strike), coz we might have to ward him to be placed on drip!!!

I'm somewhat lacking a little in the mojo department this whole week due to the HFMD episode, but am glad I still managed to do a layout for Pink Sketches!

Just to share a little peekie with you what I did for Pink Sketch #3

Just tune in on Sunday 12am EST at Pink Sketches for Sketch #3!

Have a great weekend with your family and love ones!


Anonymous said...

o0o0o, i can't wait to see it sophia! :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

so so glad he's okay!!