Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What an honour for me...

Thanks Ed!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your Groovie blog's Featured Guest Designer for the month of August. I'm still awed and privileged at the same time....that's coz I'm still busy admiring every single talented local scrappers' works! And still learning at the same time.

Just to sidetrack a little, Ed is such a humble person with great personality! What I admire about her is that to her, there's no such things as a good or no good scrapper, the right style of scrapping; she just sees the best in each and everyone's style of scrapbooking and she gives recognition to the local scrappers in Singapore.

Learning point from that for me, so long I scrap from the heart with heart and express it through my own style of scrapping, that is all that matters. =) And yes, for me, I believe that so long if you love beautiful things, scrap with heart from the heart and do it because you love to and not so much for the supposed fame, that's all that matters....and fame for some, will find them out as it's their livelihood =)..... I hope I didn't lose anyone here....if yes, nevermind, moving right along.
Ok back to the August feature:

I did this LO quite sometime ago, about a month ago for Groovie's August feature. JTS it now on this thread since it's 'published' on Groovie site.

For the LO that I did, I chose to scrap on Dave's photo taken at last year's SEA games. To feature 3 budding shooting atheletes who are still reaching for the stars even at their age (27, 31 and 34 then) (= And yes, I'm being patriotic too to dedicate this LO to Team Singapore and the sporting scene in Singapore, as part of the National Day celebrations.

Do give Ed and myself some support by participating in the August Groovie challenge yah?

I'll be giving away 2 RAKs for 2 winners this month =) Ain't this a swell month of celebration?

Thanks for looking and playing along with me. Cheers!

***Updated 7 Aug 2008***

I'll list down the criteria of the challenge here as well:

1) Using SB elements to create a visual triangle in your LO (i.e. photos or embellishments)

2) Showcase the use of stars in your LO! Could be in patterned paper, stamps, doodled or your embellishments.

3) If possible, include the main colors of red, white and some black.

Pretty easy yah? So just choose colours of red, white and some black in your patterned papers or cardstock, have some elements of stars. Use photos or embellishments to create the "visual triangle" in your LO. =)


UM. said...

Mamachan, whats the "rules" for ur challenge? =)

UM. said...

btw is ming here. =)

scrap-myself-silly said...

Wooohoooo Way to go girl !!!!

Aida Haron said...

What a great challenge and layout !!

Sophia said...

Thank you Aniza and Aida =)

Do play along yah? =)

feli said...

well said sophia! :) I tell myself that too all the time, but can't help being caught up in trying to be the best in everyone's eyes...