Saturday, August 9, 2008

OMG!!!! Double Honour


This is a really exciting day (night rather) for me!

*gasps gasps*

Thank your Kelli of Pink Sketches for choosing me to be one of the DT for the newly set up site!

Pink Sketches is a new sketch challenge site for scrapbookers like you and me. Like how aptly Kelli (owner of Pink Sketches) put it, "It's great for newbie scrapbookers who don't know where to start, and veterans who want to step out of their normal design box. "

Pink Sketches will be launched on August 17th 2008. Do look out for the 1st sketch yah??


On an excited sidenote:

The reality of being in a non-local DT is still slowly sinking it. I really could not believe my eyes. I was just checking in on my blog to see which of my lovely groovie chicks had left their encouraging comments and I saw a comment from this lovely scrapper Melina congratulating me on making the Pink Sketches DT.

I made a mad dash to check my email and gasped in surprise!! Sounds very drama isn't it?

But the fact is that there are really lots and lots of talented scrappers in the Singapore SB scene.

How I got to know of Pink Sketches was via the Groovie Forum where Ed placed the "ad" to share with us that there is a DT call. I was thinking to myself, "hmmmm, it'll be cool to just submit in my application and see where it leads to. I might not even make it in the 1st place"

But now.... I'm like going ," Wow! Thank you Lord for your favour and grace upon me"

Right now, I'm excitedly waiting for my 1st Sketch from Kelli.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my excitement with you.


scrap-myself-silly said...


Double congratulations to you Sophia!
Way to go !!!!

btw-love what you did with the glimmer mist...maybe will invest in one asap:)

Sophia said...

Hi Aniza =)

Thanks for the well wishes. Should invest in 2 glimmer mists! To give that to toned look =) The colours I used are Turquoise Blue and Coffee Shop

redoaklines said...

hi there! i'm sarah from pink sketches as well, and i wanted to congratulate you! i love your work. :) yay!

Edleen said...

Dear Sophia,

sorry haven't popped in here for awhile. you know i'm "busy" entertaining my guest from Germany *wink* hehe...

ok BEWARE! lengthy post :D

HUGE Congrats to you on making it to Pink Sketches!!! so glad you went to try it out :)

Thanks for being our August Featured Groovie Guest Designer! i adore your scrapbooking pages. i saw it for myself seeing you Create!

i am humbled by the bit you mentioned about me. really, we're here to share share as what we Singaporeans usually say :) seriously, it's all about having fun, sharing the giggles and being Happy.

Thanks for your support, Thanks for the donuts (next time bring 2 dozens!!!) hehehe... and Thanks for your wonderful company @ my kampong :)


Jana said...

Hey there!!

It's Jana from Pink Sketches and I can't wait to spend the next year working together... I love your style and together, the PS team is going to rock Kelli's sketches!!


Sophia said...

Hey Jana!
Thanks for leaving your love! Can't wait to work with you too!