Saturday, August 9, 2008

Completed 3 LOs

###Updated at 9.30pm ###
It was a fruitful Friday evening/Saturday for me.

Managed to do 2 LOs with the Groovie {Comfort of Scrapbooking} kit (which I got in June)

I've finally found the right pictures to use with the kit.

1st LO:

{Bubble Fun}

Upclose shot of the rounded photos. I don't own any stickles, so I used the crayola pastel-colored Glitter Glue (Acid-free of course). Gives the look like each circle photo look like some bubbles from his bubble wand.

Using my AC thickers, I formed the word "Bubble" into a round circle like a bubble.

2nd LO:

{family rules}

Created this LO using a Sketch Contest from Creative (Under Donna's Sketch)

For this LO, I used Glimmer Mist Turqoise Blue as the bottom layer on white CS, and I recycled my portion of K.I Laced CS (I used it for a previous project) by using it as a mask for the 2nd layer of Glimmer Mist Coffee Shop color.

I love the effect. It's much better than paints.

After which, I went about with the LO to try to follow the sketch as much as possible.

Journalling as usual:

3rd LO:
{Family Time}
Using Ed's August Sketch for Groovie Cafe.
I've yet again used Glimmer mist on this LO. Can you tell where? =P I've doodled all around the LO. This is so Jasmine-inspired. LOL!
Jasmine is the resident doodle queen at MWL whom I attended her Beautiful Mess Workshop last October. Her LOs are always so fun to look at and she's got a real talent for doodling!
Journalling on this LO:
July 19 2008.
We decided to go catch the aerial display of the NDP'08 (National Day Parade) rehearsal. Daren was giving out kisses while waiting.

Hope you like the layouts for this week =)



~Sasha Farina~ said...

wow you're on a roll!! love thhose 'bubbles' on your layout!!

Sophia said...

Hi Sasha! Thanks for taking time to leave your comments =) I was on a roll on National Day lah. didn't leave home at all.

Edleen said...

Dear Sophia, firstly,
Huge Congrats on making it to Pink Sketches! glad you submitted and they are so right to have picked you! and glad that a Groovie Girl made it :D
you go Groovie Girl! hehe...

and Wow! you made the kit look so Cool and i love what you did with it. Thanks for the support and you're a creative scrapper :) but you already know that ;)

have a wonderful week ahead!

Sophia said...

Thanks so much for the well-wishes Ed!! You're all heart!! In a way, you've made it all possible if you didn't announce the DT call on Groovie Scraps Cafe!! =) *hugz*

Deb said...

Adorable pages, Sophia! Of course, you already know I love the "Family rules" page since I chose it as LOTD at Creative Scrappers! Big congrats to you on the Pink Sketches DT!! I adore your work and am looking forward to working with you!

Sophia said...

Thanks deb for leaving me your lovely comments! I love your works too and can't wait to work with you!