Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Having Scrappy

Are really essential =)
We get to share ideas, exchange "Does-this-talk-to-you?" consultations, share stashes.
It's really good to have some crop sessions together once in a while, where creativity can be exchanged. Not to mention having some hearty laughs and food! Glorious food!! Over cropping.
So sometimes when I have really good pieces of work, likelihood I had been inspired by the really talented ladies around me then and there. *Grins*
Hmmmm, should we have another good cropping fun together again?
Does 1st November sound like good fun to you? (sorry my overseas friends, can only host the local Singaporean scrappers.)
Let me know!


Anonymous said...

visit me in the US and we shall scrap! :)


scrap-myself-silly said...

sounds like a good plan.
see how..

love ya,

Edleen said...

Thanks for opening your place to us :) so much fun and i told you, me and Aniza seem to eat more than we scrap and how funny i ended up buying your stash!!! hehehe...