Friday, October 24, 2008

Music Moves


Or at least when times I'm in need of inspiration, I'll dig out my CDs and play them in the background when I scrap or read or having some me time at home.

I know of peeps who need their music when they run/jog. I would too but my 1st generation ipod is huge and will get heavy after running into my 2nd km. Anyone keen to sponsor me the latest and smallest ipod? LOL! Just kiddin!

Anyways, so you must have noticed music running on this blog.

It's newly added.

Anyway, I just look for songs that makes me smile and happy, leaves me in a state of happiness and contentedness, filled with fond memories.

And I just realized that most of them have the acoustic sounds of the guitar! And yes, mainly Gospel Inspirational (or Gospel Contemporary Groups).

My favourite instrument of all time!
Speaking of guitars.

Did I mention that I used to play the guitar? That's before I had Daren, I stopped playing when I was 5 months pregnant, well, that's when my tummy got in the way. LOL! I used to play for cell group. =) Not an expert, but enough to get the flow of music in for Praise and Worship.

So now you know before the weight gain, I used to:


Play the guitar.

LOL! Now I Scrapbook!
But all is not lost. I still love dance in the performing arts. I would still try to make it a point to attend some dance perfomances, especially during the Singapore Arts Festival period.
I still very much listen to acoustic music. I do occasionally pick up the guitar and strum some songs.

Anyway, some sneaks of what I did for Pink Sketches #11! That I've been working on past nights.

Stay tuned for more!


sumbebejo said...

Hi Sophia,

Even tho' I don't scrap, I just love coming to yr site and view all the beautiful scrap works that you had done! I especially like all the jornalling that you wrote, very meaningful.

Edleen said...

saw the actual LO and it's truly adorable!!!

i grew up with musicians around me and i only learnt to play the organ (so obit right???) and was a drummer in my school band. that was Cool and Groovie...hehehe

love the music...i need music and TV while i scrap. but with friends around, don't need any of those ;)

have a Great Weekend and Hugs to Daren :)

redoaklines said...

hey sophia!

that airplane is a great touch to your LO! and you danced?! gosh, i wish i knew how to do it like they do in performing arts! hehe