Saturday, October 25, 2008

Groovie Incidence

You know sometimes, things don't just happen for a reason?
I was at the right place at the right time, meeting the right people and made a new friend!
How groovie was that??
Let me share:
I was supposed to meet Liza (scrapaddict) today to pass to her a fellow scrapper's, whose from Brunei, RAK at our LSS.
When I got there, I bumped into another fellow Groovie Gal, Sal.
They, Liza and Sal, were really sweet, all eager to share with me their yummy member's discount!!
1st 3 items at 40% off and subsequent items at 30% off.
I saw some Making Memories Embossed Leather 12 x 12, 3-D ring Album and the price was reasonable and it would be a real steal at 40% or even 30% off. I didn't mind getting additional albums as mine was fast filling out!! I'm close to having 3 full Making Memories 12 x 12 albums which was extended and each holding 40 LOs!!
Anyway, I made sure to check back with Liza and Sal that they would be using their 40% for the 1st 3 items and I was likely to be just having 30% which I'm totally cool with.
As Sal and I were just browsing in the store, this really generous and kind lady just came up to me and went ," Excuse me, were you asking around for a 40% member's discount?"
I was like, "Yes, but it's ok, my friend has got the 30% whom she'll be sharing with me"
She went," Oh, it's ok, you can use mine, I'm not getting anything today. I might come back tomorrow again."
Can you believe that??
I did! And I am still really grateful for that kind and generous gesture!
She is = Yannie (Ok, I do hope I spelt it correctly).
Nope, not Groovie Cafe's Yannie (or izzit Yani), though I'm pretty sure if she's present and not buying anything, she too would offer me *winks*.
But someone whom I've never met and randomly bumped into the store (ok, I suspect it's my really loud voice when I was discussing with Sal, LOL!)
She was so nice to queue up with me at the counter so that the staff knows to use her membership number before she left!!!
During the course of queuing up, we exchanged scrapblogs, or rather she keyed into her mobile my scrapblog and telephone number. Wow! We were instant friends there and then!!
Yannie (please correct me if I spelt your name wrongly), thank you so much once again for being so generous and friendly! I really sincerely do hope that we get to meet up again and scrap together, let our children play and run around togther one day! I'm sure we'll have great, groovie fun!!
In the meantime, this blog entry goes all out to you!!! =)
Thank you once again for the kindred friendship that you've extended to me!

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Edleen said...

how Groovie was that??? and how sweet of her :)

hope your 10K run today was a success!!!

have a restful time and have a wonderful week ahead :)