Saturday, November 1, 2008

A picture speaks a thousand words


That's the case for this challenge at The Story Matters.

Sometimes, the picture in itself tells alot of the emotions, the story behind it, the relationships, the love and the joys of life. Like in those inspirational photos that you get in your emails? Not much words needed, just the right music to accompany them.
Isn't that what scrapbooking is about? Letting our pictures tell the story, with some title or journalling to remember the moments at photopoint?

I had to admit I had a tough time for this one as I'm not such a great photographer (compositional wise) and I started to overthink on this one. LOL!

But after some advice from Penny, I decided to follow my guts and did a LO on well, my son and my husband. I decided to keep this LO free from too much embellished sentiments and hope to use the pattern papers to support the story/inspiration I hope to portray.

Here's my take on this fornight's challenge:

{Journey with me}
I played with Picasa, a free photo editing software you could download and play around with basic editing feature. The rest of the picture is Black and White except for the feet where there's color, drawing focus to the point of the feet.

What does this picture in itself tell you? Share with me on your intepretation of the photo and leave me a comment.

I will randomly draw someone from the comments for a RAK by 13th November 2008 (Singapore time)

I'll post up the picture of the RAK later here. =)

So, leave me a comment and also play along with us over at The Story Matters for "The Picture Tells the Story"
In the meantime, do stay tuned for Pink Sketch #12 to be revealed tomorrow! =)

Have a great weekend!!!

Hi Peeps!
As promised. Here's the picture of the RAK I'll be giving away!

I hope you're liking it!
It's a Maya Road People Accordion Chipboard and some yummy Prima flowers which I've bought recently and would like to share some with you.
And I'll be EXTENDING the dateline to 13th Nov 2008 (Singapore time) to randomly draw from the readers' comments.
Come play along k?
Also, if you're just a "silent passing ship" please don't pass me by without saying, "Hi!" I would love to get to know you and say ,"Hi" on your blog too!!!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

I'll tell you what I see... I see love. I see strong bond. You remember the ad for Magnolia fresh milk,? the peguin walk? kinda reminds me of that too... in any way, Girl, this layout is awesome. *hugs*

hariyani said...

"you'll never walk alone".. dats my intepretation of the photo! :D
i love the way you edit the picture! and nice LO! :)

Renoa said...

oh wow! I miss so much of your delicious pages!! This is my fav!! love you edited the photo..must try this someday..

I say.. "You'll always have me my baby" also meant strong relation and care..

feli said...

i love the photo... great page to compliment it sophia... i think it says... you'll always have me walking along beside you, whatever journey you take.

Ailei said...

I love ur pic...I think it reflects just wat any parent will want to tell their child...that he/she will always be there to walk the journey with him, picking him up when he falls, teaching him how to walk the ways of life...

Whozz Me???... said...

Hmmm... to me... it shows the beginning of his journey.... with guidance, moral support, love, dedication.... he will owez have someone watching over him....

Anonymous said...

I love the pic! How symbolic our feet are! Your generousity is amazing!

Stacy said...

I'll say lil one is loving every single step he makes in his growth, whilst the companion footers are wiser with the steps they take on, because they always have each other to walk this "family" road down together and to learn from one another.

Honestly lil darren is learning at a very fast pace, and I came to drop a msg telling how great u & david have been as parents! :)

Jana said...

Don't you just love Picasa? I use it all the time and it's fabulous!

Great job, Sophia! I love the layering!

Liza said...

Awsome Layout Sophia! I love the photo as it tells it all!!!! Great job on the layering and I love your col combi too!

Tulips Love said...

The moment I saw the photo, I felt a gush of warm love between the child and the adult. The support that the child is dependent on the adult tells how much an adult can influence a young mind.

bbhome said...

I see him walking in your footsteps. Love the layering.

Devilz Angel 堕落天使 said...

Love this LO w/o much sentiment embellishments. A picture tells a thousand words... The photo simply shows the love & bond between the parent & child, the guidance & support given to the child by the parent.. . Awesome!

-- CK