Friday, December 5, 2008

Name Your Indulgence!!! (Pre-Recorded Post)

This is the latest challenge over at The Story Matters.

I had fun with this challenge! I have quite a few indulgences actually.

(I was tempted to take pictures of my feet wearing each pair of shows that I do own, though not alot but I take pride in them!! However, I'm short of time to take pictures due to work.)

Coach Bags
(I just started loving them and slowly collecting them thanks to my darling Dave who indulges me with them.)

Starbucks Ice Signature Chocolate/Cafe Mocha with whipped cream.
(who doesn't love them???)

Chocolates (Praline/Truffles)
(pretty common among us women)

Scrapbooking sprees
(this is a no. 1 indulgence for us all isn't it? LOL!)

But I decided to do a more recent indulgence which sadly, contributed to a thicker waistline and major weight gain in a matter of 3 months!

(And no, my running didn't shed much of the dreaded weight)


But I'm glad that I've not bought these sinfully indulgent food items for slightly over a month!

And I plan to continue not indulging in it anymore.


So what is it?

Here goes:

{Yummy Donuts from J.Co}

This is stamped with one of the stamps from my Unity Stamps Kit.

Another yummy stamp from my Unity Stamp Kit.

I hope you liked this yummy layout!!! Makes you wanna run out to your nearest J.Co branch and eat some of them yummy donuts eh?
















So what is your INDULGENCE??

Share them with me!!!

Yes and I'll promise to indulge you in yet another RAK!!!!

Even my overseas friends are welcome to participate in this random draw!!

So come join us in sharing your indulgence in a layout over at The Story Matters as well as leave with me a comment on what is your indulgence.
p/s: Please do lend Penny your support over at The Story Matters.
Life happens and when it does, it sometimes will slow us down and put some inconvenience in our lives and we need the time to get right back on track.
Anyway, share away with me your indulgence! You have till 14th December 2008!
Will post pictures of the RAK up here later.


~Sasha Farina~ said...

ah.. the layout is oh so yummy!! my indulgence? too many to list ;)

redoaklines said...

i am totally loving this challenge!! and i TOTALLY love donuts too! it's a horrible thing isn't it?! HAHAHA.

i've been trying to work out more tho. so that waist line won't grow! HAHA.


scrappylovey said...

my indulgence is chocs! Great dark chocs to brighten up any bleak day!

Ailei- Adeline said...

This is bad! Reminds me too much of my 'sinful' loves- dark chocolates, donuts too, nuggets, and COKE!!! Simply can't live without coke since coming to SH, dunno if its the taste of the food here or wat, been indulging in coke almost everyday after every meal!

Edleen said...

i'm not running anywhere near donuts since it's pouring outside! hehe...

Pizza would be about good for now ;) hehe... we'll order that soon yeah?

love your layout Sophia :)
hope you are well and have a great week!

Whozz Me???... said...

My indulgence.... dark chocs.... I need a bar a day.... a bar as in the HUGE bars... hehehee

erna said...

wow! the donuts look so yummy!!
my indulgence.. pokka green tea!! i loooooooove them so much.. :">

Jana said...

Great layout Sophia!! I love the stamping at the bottom. :)

Liza said...

Yummy Layout!!! Love the whole Layout!! WOW!!

Renoa said...

High heels from C&K and Vincci please.. Sigh went window shopping with my cuzzins lastnight and i realised i havent been shopping crazzy eversince i started SB!! terrible! *sob*

Chok Keun (CK) said...

Yummy Yummy, love the stamping at the bottom of the LO!

My indulgence? That's gonnA BE quite a long list, MUAHAHA....

But currently, it gotta be chocolates, these really helped me to distress during my hectic & stressful days!

Sasha said...

Girl I have so many indulgences but my all time favorite are my converses and coach purses ya .. and yah the layout is fabulous sweets.

Thanks for stopping through to my blog , I hate that I had to miss this challenge but ya girl was out of town ...

Linda Beeson said...

How adorable area those stamps on here, they are just the perfect accent!