Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Sneaks and updates

9th December - my 'pre-post'
I'm counting down to my Perth Vacation with my family! It's a matter of another 2 weeks more before we fly off and spend Christmas with my uncle and his family. Our moms will be there (Dave's and mine and yes, mom-in-laws can get along together you know!)

We're flying off on Christmas Eve at 12midnight and will arrive in the early morning, just a day before Christmas!

So which means I gotta work my butt off with the submissions for the DTs that I'm on!
Yikes! I need God-speed to finish them and yet I hope I can still maintain some sort of "Sophia's Standard".

That's the thing with rushing.
12th December 2008
Taking some breather to blog.
Work is getting crazier before I go on my vacation. It's a good thing I've finished up with 3 layouts and I've got 3 more to go before I fly off!

My domestic helper is flying off on Monday back to her home in the Phillipines for her home leave (she's completed her contract with me for 2 years and I'm renewing her contract).
So it's gonna get crazier with my schedules and I do hope I can find time to get down to finish the layouts due!
In the meantime,
Here are some sneaks to share with you on the layouts I've done so far!!
For Pink Sketches #17 and #18

(by the way, Kelli had kindly helped us during this festive period by doing the sketch on a fornightly basis till 2009 comes in!)
Some sneaks for the upcoming challenge over at The Story Matters

Last and definitely not least! DreamGirls' mid-Dec challenge launching on 15th December!

Some sneaks before the launch!

I'm glad that I'm breathing a little. But am gonna go crazy soon wrapping up my Christmas presents before my domestic helper flies off!!!! At least I have some eyes kept on Daren while we wrap our gifts for the younger cousins!

Have a great week ahead!


p/s: I'm seriously counting down to the day we fly off to Down Under! It's gonna be a hot Christmas!!!


redoaklines said...

o0o0o0 i totally cant wait to see all of your new layouts! :)

and yes, i got your beautiful card. i totally love everything about it. if you don't mind me asking, what stamp did you use on your envelope?


~Sasha Farina~ said...

love the sneaks Sophia!

Sophia said...

Hey Sarah
I used the Unity Stamp Kit clubs stamps which I've subscribed to.