Monday, December 22, 2008

Random posting

I'm down with a major bout of flu!

My nose can't stop running at all.

I was feeling feverish past 2 days.

I'm feeling tired...

but I still have to get on with my work (still quite alot more to go)

All these and I'm flying off tomorrow night!

I'm so looking forward to my trip and getting on that airplane!!!

So is Daren! He kept talking about wanting to sit on an airplane!


I'm glad that despite our live-in domestic helper had gone home to the Philippines for the holidays, Dave and I are coping alright above all the madness.
It goes to show that even if the day comes she decides to quit on us or we decide that we need not have a helper anymore, we WILL SURVIVE. Yupz, we can survive even though we might have gotten really comfortable without having to do much of the household chores nor the cooking.

We are so blessed to be in Singapore that there are times where we take things for granted. That we become spoilt and think that we can easily just get the help to do things for us.

Well, to me, a domestic helper is just a helper. She's still human, with a family back home to feed. She has dignity and rights which sad to say, most Singaporeans are afraid to give them (domestic helpers) that freedom of their rights for the fear that they will go astray and in turn harm the family.

For me, I believe in treating them right but with a firm hand (not literally of course!). Just gotta talk to them to make sure things are ok both sides. To hear them out. To "empower" them as mature adults. We cannot treat them as a child but to see them as adults as well.

Of course there's the occasional "climbing over your head" nonsense but that's where we have to come in and talk to them to say that they had crossed the line. Just like how it is for us who are working and we have things like performance appraisal.


I've completed one more DT assignment before I leave for Perth for DreamGirls which will go LIVE come 1st Jan 2009!

So am gonna leave you some sneaks as I will be in Australia by then! But you can always check back on their site to view my layout!

Yupz, I used my lovely favourite string of pearls again =)


TheresaK said...

feel better soon :)

redoaklines said...

i always love your pearls!

hope you start to feel better really soooooooon so you can enjoy your vacation! :)

have a wonderful christmas with your family!


Sasha said...

Yikes sweetness I hope you feel better soon girl .. not cool being sick at all .. love the sneaky peaky you got going on here ..

Thanks for stoppin by my blog and showing love sweetness...

Jiggy Jen said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment!! I really do appreciate you stopping by my blog!!
I absolutely LOVE your version of The love of Christ in your lives!!! That really shows what an amazing spiritual person you are..
Have a blessed Christmas!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

get well soon Soph! *hugs* Merry Xmas :)

Ailei- Adeline said...

Get well soon and enjoy your holiday! Blessed Christmas!

Liza said...

Get well soon Sophia and the peeks are Gorgeous!

Edleen said...

Sweetness, Thanks for the Beautiful Gift and coming by my place while you weren't feeling so well...

hope you're all better now and having a blast in Perth!

have a Fabulous 2009 and see you when you get back. Take care!

Vivs said...

Love your sneak peeks and those pearls on top of the paper doilies. Did you use macro lens on this shot? Awesome!