Saturday, December 20, 2008

I believe....

That's the theme for this fornight's challenge.

What do you believe in?
It could be anything from your faith/religion, to your beliefs, to your own point of view (personal or political) or even in Santa Claus!


We (Dave and I) believe in the love of Christ in our lives.
And God is Love.

Therefore, we believe in love.

And here's my take on the challenge:

Journalling: We believe in love, & our Heavenly Father is love! Jesus is love personified & He had come to give us life and have it more abundantly - John 10:10. His grace in our lives has caused us to reign in life, to overcome our challenges & strengthen our marriage & our family. We believe in this grace and the charis of Christ & we build our faith & our family on that grace & love for us. We believe.

I hope you like this one.

I used my remaining K.I Memories Laced cardstock and my old Basic Grey's Scarlet Letter pattern paper mainly for this layout. I stuck down the laced cardstock and smeared some of my newly bought crackle paint in antique linen. After letting it dry, I used my finger and smeared some stickles over the dried paint and laced cardstock to give it some sparkle and texture.

And nope, you didn't see it wrongly.

I used the same photo from my previous layout for this challenge.

I totally love this photo that we took of ourselves with Dave's Sony Ericsson phone. And there's so much to share and tell in this stage and season of our lives.

So what is your belief?

What do you believe in?

Share it with me my friends =)

And of course share your take of your beliefs over at The Story Matters!

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