Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love is in the air!!

Yupz, I've actually updated my Fun playlist.
Oh yes, I just realized that "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles is not exactly a love song
I love the tune and the attitude behind it!
But at the end of it, I see it as you can't co-erce a love song.
You gotta love and be loved in order to write one
Or scrap one!!
Anyway, I've scrap some for the past 2 nights. Will share some later.
So what's up with you all for Valentines?
For me and hubs, we don't celebrate it.
Seriously now, I think Valentine's day is way too commercialized.
In the form of waaaaayyyy inflated, ridiculously priced roses and dinners.
And it's the time of the year to celebrate this one occasion...
No, I'm not against Valentine's Day, don't get me wrong.
I think it's nice and all
I feel that love should be celebrated with your loved ones
even when there's no special days or occasions to call for it.
Just to share anyway,
When I was much younger in my teens
I used to moon over celebrating Valentine's Day with my ex-teenage BF.
I threw up a big fuss if he didn't remembered or bought anything for me
Well, what do you expect for a die-hard romantic teenage girl?
But as I progressed to young adulthood.
It sort of became just a farce
(not because I didn't get flowers, I still did)
It seemed like a competition all over in Singapore.
Couples would stroll the streets with the guy holding of bouquet of flowers instead of the girl.
And it seemed like "Whose bouquet is bigger??"
The girl seemed really happy, beaming and glowing.
The guy, well, seemed broke.
So when I met Dave and when we dated.
We made an agreement that we will do away with V-day celebrations.
I insisted no flowers for V-day.
(He has the rest of the year to buy me a bunch if he wanted to)
And so, for the past 7 years,
We did not celebrate V-day.
But the "I-Love-Yous" and hugs and kisses did not stop ever.
We still love.
We still kiss.
But in the scrapping world,
I can't help but be infected by the love bug!
I made a layout of Dave and myself
(it's for a challenge too).
I'll update the picture later.
So you see...
I'm not a cynical person.
Just a dreamy but practical girl.
But nonetheless,
If you are really into celebrating V-day,
Go ahead!
Share with me what you're planning to do with your loved ones yah?
Like I said,
It's better to love and be loved in return.


TanishaRenee said...

I feel ya on this Sophia, love should be clelbrated all the time!

Glenda T. said...

I've never thought about that like this before but I like it! It's like a big $&)*$& you to the industry that is trying to sell this to us, trying to make it another commercialized holiday and put a price on love. You have me thinking here!!

just lisa said...

Hey - I love your post!! So true - we do something simple the weekend before or after - never go out on valetines - too pricey!! Sometimes just simple gifts....but not always.

Been loving all of your dreamsgirls work - always beautiful!!

verysherry said...

Hubs & me are going to watch Breakout on V-day! After back home for homecooked romantic dinner with wine! We avoid gg out for dinners on Vdays for years now cos u are too ex & commercialised.