Friday, February 6, 2009

What I struggle Most...

Yes, we are back!

Refreshed and ready for a brand new 2009!

So what do I struggle with most?

Let me think...



They do sound weighty yah?

I mean, as I get to read more and more blogs,

I think it's a common problem among us women.

From the already skinny to those who are voluptously blessed with curvy figures.
(And no, we are not fat, just big-boned with slow metabolism - Ha!)

Well, you might have guessed it by now that I have weight issues with myself.

I'll let my layout and journalling do the talking yah?

Supplies from my LabelTulip October 2008 kit
(except for the Kraft and Brown cardstock)

Journalling reads:

In the recent years, this has always been a struggle for me - my weight: it was alright before I got married and had Daren as I had an active lifestyle; dancing actively in church, running with friends and hitting the gym. Right now, because of the kilos I've piled on over the last 5 years - 20kg to be exact - its left me feeling sluggish & lazy. I've tried to get back into the routine of gym but I couldn't. I felt guilty of not being around during Daren's bedtime if I did hit the gym.

Dieting is totally out for me as I still needed my carbs. Of course with the weight gain, other than the effect I felt on my body, It has affected my esteem over how I looked, always yearning back for the chiselled face and averagely ok 'bikini' body. It's a struggle with this weighty issue!!!


There.... that's sharing my story with you all.

And so,

Do play with us over at The Story Matters and share with us what you struggle with most. It could be anything from your relationships, spritually or even life.

Do give us your support once more yah?

As promised earlier in my previous posting.

Some other layouts I created also using my LabelTulip November 2008 kit.

(yeah, I know, I'm playing "catch-up" in using my kits to the uttermost)

This layout is for {Create}'s February Challenge.
About the person you love and why you love that very person.

So I used a photo from my wedding day from 4.5 years back.

Journalling reads:

If you hadn't done any lovey dovey layouts for the month of February, do hop on by {Create} to check them out!

This layout is for the challenge over at Scrappin Kids.
This challenge is for us to scrap about that one thing we love our lil' one and to use an adjective to describe that one trait we love about them.

So here's my take:
(Sigh....I don't feel that this is my best layout but am still happy with it)

Again, I played with my LabelTulip November Kit.


Isn't Daren one cheeky lil boo?

He really has got that glint in his eyes when the little light bulb goes off in his head!!

And nowadays,

he'll tell me ," Mummy, funny!"

When he sees something funny and giggles over it.


And I just love him to bits!

He can be cheekily sweet too!!


Oh yes, over at LabelTulip,

Tulip Girl, Holly Hanks
(She totally rocks and is uber talented!!)

Had shared about her 1st attempt at SB and shared her 1st layout.

(Her 1st layout looks good!!! Gosh! That girl oozes with talent right from the beginning!!)

So I thought,
Maybe I can share my 1st layout with you ladies too.

Promise you don't laugh k?

I consider this my 1st piece after attending my 1st basic class at a local store about 2 years back.

Here goes:


I painfully stenciled out the alphas on cardstock and used craft knife to cut them out!
I was seriously worried that I migth have sliced off my fingers!
So whatcha think?
Wanna share about your 1st layout ever with me?
(As well as over at LabelTulip's blog? They have a RAK!)

I hope you have a great week ahead!!!


Wati said...

lovely LOs Sophia! thanks for playing along with us Scrappin Kids :)

scrap-myself-silly said...

Cool layout Sophia ... love the placement of torn strips of paper and D so happy in the photo. Excellent take ! Thanks for playing along and scrap on !


Edleen said...

Sweet Sophia, us Ladies seem to share mostly this one thing in common yeah? weight...but you look good the way you are and don't worry about it! let's go makan soon ;)

loving all your LOs and your 1st one is just adorable!

have a great weekend!

Vivs said...

Hi Sophia! You got great grooves girl! Fantastic work! Thanks for playing along at Scrappin Kids :)

yvette said...

nice LO, Sophia!and what a cutie your lil boy is! glad you could join! :)

verysherry said...

Wah..ur first LO is already very good! No wonder you are hooked!