Monday, February 16, 2009

TGIM! It's a brand new week! (extended post)

Ok, I sound a little insane

But TGIM!!!

(Yes, Thank God It's Monday)


Yes, it's a brand new week and I'm looking forward to it!

A new week of possibilities and opportunities.

And Christ's grace and mercy is always new every morning!

I'm gonna be doing some presentation for work this Thursday.

So I will lay off the scrapping this week till it's over!

On the scrapping front:

Over at DreamGirls, a new challenge:

We {Heart} American Crafts challenge!!

Loving the diverse range of patterns that American Crafts has to offer in your papers?

Come use at least 80% of A.C range in your layout!

The twist?

To use a heart and flourish/swirls in your layout.

Here's my take:

I've cut out the foam heart free-hand from craft foam

and did blanket stitching all around on the edges.

Had some A.C Thickers Swirls from one of my sub kits and used that.

I doodled on the swirls too.

Papers are from the Amplified and Moda Bella range.

I hope you like this take of mine.

The layout is now framed up in my bedroom in a shadow-box.

First framed up photo of Dave and myself in our room after coming 5 years of marriage!!


Do come and play along with us over at DreamGirls!!

Check out the rest of the divas' works! They are totally rocking this challenge!


Over at Pink Sketches:

We had a play with circles this time! The Pink Sketch DT definitely rocked this sketch!

I just love the play with circles.

When I 1st saw the sketch, I was like,"OMG! I have the perfect photo and pattern paper for it!"

So I had a chance to use my older stash of papers.


Here's the sketch:

Here's my take:


I hope you're liking what I did. I went layer happy on this layout once more!

Some up close details:

Do come on by and check out what the other Pink ladies had done! I love how everyone's takes are so awesome!

Also, the Pink Sketches DT search is still ongoing!

Dateline is 26th Feb 2009.

Do give it a try yah?


David, Daren and myself had an awesome weekend.

On Friday, Daren told us that he wanted to get a hair cut!!!

Imagine that!

That's definitely a first that he initiated it!

So we thought, why not? Since his hair was getting long and a little thick for our Singapore weather.

Off we went to town

(to look for his usual "Mr Snip" hairdresser),

and on the way there, Daren said "I want to eat Chicken Rice!!"

And he kept chanting "Chicken Rice!" during the cab ride.


So when we got to Junior's league within Toys 'R' Us at Forum shopping mall

Much to Daren's dissappointment,

His Mr Snip wasn't there and it was already closed for the day.

So off we went in search of his chicken rice at the foodcourt at another mall
(which was within walking distance).

Come Saturday,
we went The Singapore Flyer for the very first time.

(Actually we heard of some promotion with regards the first 2009 people to show an sms from Singapore Tourism Board for free tickets to get free tix).

When we reached there, the free tix were fully redeemed.
(That's another story for another day)

We became Friends of the Singapore Flyer!!
(I figured that for the price we pay per entry, per pax, we're better off getting the family card as I forsee that Daren would ask to visit it a few more times)

I will share photos later. They're still unloaded from my camera.

Come Sunday,

We went to church on our own with Daren
(my domestic helper had her day off).

It was Miracle Seed Sunday for Dave and myself.

And we sowed.
We sowed what we have to One North
(our church building that will glorify the Lord)

and I'm glad we sowed what we have.

In order to see harvest in this time of famine,
we gotta sow!
And we're really blessed by these few week's sermon and it just set in our hearts to sow, to see and to reap a harvest in store!
To be in a place to witness supernatural cancellation of debts in our lives!
To be a blessing to bless others around us further.
Dave intially told me 2 months back that the money would be for my scrap table (From Ikea).
But after hearing last two Sunday's sermons, I just told him that let's use the money as our Miracle Seed for sowing.
That's way more important for us than any scrap table or holidays.
And I can't wait to be able to share our testimony in due time.
And after service, we headed for lunch at Raffles City's foodcourt where they had the most delicious Japanese Tempura Food Store yet again
(thanks to Sherry and her husband's recommendations).
Dave had the tempura meal while Daren had his favourite fishball noodles while I tried out the Olive Fusion store (Western/Italian food).
And yes,
We headed back to Forum the Shopping Mall once again in search of Daren's Mr Snip.
Lo and behold! He was there!
Daren was really excited as he recognized this kid's hairdresser from a distance.
For the 1st time ever,
He calmly sat on the chair.
He allowed Jimmy (That's Mr Snip's name btw)
to put the apron around his neck.
(Now that's definitely a first!!!)
We were definitely thrilled and amazed.
We didn't have to hold him
nor did Daren struggle.
He just sat very still.
And of course, I went shutter happy with the compact camera!
I hope to be able to come back with some photo updates later.
Sweet Jana had tagged me couple days back.

So here goes:
The Rules:
Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
1. Pick the 6th Folder, then select the the 6th picture in that folder.
2. Post that picture on your blog and the story that goes along with the picture.

3. Tag 6 other people that you know or don’t know to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog or an e-mail letting them know you chose them.

Here's the photo:

This photo was taken recently from my Perth Trip.

We flew on 24th December in the wee hours of the morning to arrive at 7am in Perth, Australia.

Our first (definitely not last) Christmas away from Singapore to be spent with my beloved Uncloe and his family.

I was dead tired (from clearing work and got sick) when I got to my Uncle's place, so I crashed out.

My mom who arrived couple days earlier than us, brought Daren out to Gateway Mall with Dave.

She brought Daren to see and sit on Santa's lap!

Daren was really thrilled and taken to this concept as we've not done it with him before.

(I don't think much places in Singapore has's not a mall tradition, we prefer much shop!)

And so here it was, his first encounter with Santa.

When he got back to my Uncle's place, he kept telling me excitedly who he saw.

So that's the story.

To tag 6 people:

(I will be back to do this bit later, sorry about that!!)

In the meantime, have a great week ahead!!


redoaklines said...

that is such a cute picture!!! :)


Jana said...

I love your layout for PS... So pretty!! I was definitely challenged by this sketch and I think you did a wonderful job!

aash said...

Great writeup on Singapore. I love the place too, especially its local food. Though it can be abit too spicy at times. Thats singapore tourism for you. =)

verysherry said...

Daran looks so skeptical of Santa. hahaha!