Monday, February 16, 2009

My Christmas in Perth 6 x 12 Album Slide show

Alright, I'm reposting this as I've been experiencing some technical difficulties in my earlier MomentsRecorded Challenge #4 posting.

I suspect that I cannot copy and paste the embed code within a posting. I've been trying my eyeballs and brains out!!!

So there you have it!

My 1st not-so-mini album for the year using Scarlet Lime's Sep 08 kit. I'm loving it so far!!!

It's not bound together yet as I'm waiting to borrow a friend's Zutter to bind it together.

I did think of the Zutter but I'm afraid of commiting to another tool as

1) Dave will give me the "Not again, another tool" look.
2) It might be another white elephant. (But then, I told myself to make more mini albums this year)
3) Where would I store it anyway??

I think it'll be a once off thing for the use of the Zutter, so unless I can get a real deal/steal...I might consider.

Anyway, let me know if you like my album k? =P


Anonymous said...

i liked your album so much that i plan on making one today too! :)

hehe.. wish me luck on that one.

and yeah, i think you should get it... i totally want one now too. but i have the same problem... do i really need another tool??!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Great use of the SL kit !

June said...

I like the album !!
I think the zutter is not that big so you should be able to hide it inside one of your boxes :)

verysherry said...

lovely album!

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey girl, Seriously I have a bind it all & really don't use it. Wanna send some shipping ( and goodies from singapore lol) & its yours lovely. But the album is awesome. You'll have to tell me how ya added the DG blinkies! I can't get mine on my blog lol

Ailei- Adeline said...

I lurveee ur memorable! We have yet to meet up! Must do so quick quick before i have to fly back again. Sighs..

Edleen said...

can't wait to see this album for real! :) looks Great!

had a great time @ our Movie Date :)
popcorn review: Good and Crunchy! hehe...

have a fun weekend! *hugs*