Monday, March 30, 2009

I know I'm...

seriously overstashed when I'm using patterned paper as a background paper for my layouts like 90% of the time!!!!

Don't get me wrong now

It's perfectly alright to use a patterned paper as a background, especially when it fits the photos nicely.

And I still love using cardstock


I wonder if you understand what I'm trying to say.


But if you ever noticed I've been using patterned paper as a background for my layouts more often that the would probably mean I'm seriously overstashed but still loving to hoard those beautiful papers!

On the brighter side, I'm thinning my LabelTulip kits (October - January) and utilizing them to every piece of scraps even! My November and December kits are unctouched at the moment. Need some mojo on how to utilise them best!!!

BUT... my Scarlet Lime kits... the Sep'08 is 1/3 left, Oct'08 kit is 1/3 utilized, Nov'08 and Dec'08 kits are still untouched!!!

Boo Hoo!!

Seems like the 6x12 album would be the best way to use them up!!

Do you have the same vice as me???

Share them with me!!!
I'll RAK you some of my hoarded and well-loved stash too!!!
(Help me spread the word around yah??)
You have till 5th April 2009, 1159hrs (Singapore Time)!!


joyinthelord said...

I started off with PP as background all the time.. and then gradually became CS as the background.. and now its PP upon PP upon CS. Hurhur. I have way too much of both!!

stinkydudette said...

what a yummy sounding rak!! ones dehoarded stash is another person's hoard! haha...

send some my way! haha...

oh, how do u bring your kits in?

Leena said...

I can totally understand why you are using PP for the layout background girl. Don't worry about it, I do it all the time. But once in a while I'll whip out my Kraft paper and simplify my page. It really depends on the mood. You wanna see my PP stash?? ;) I have stashes of them dated way back....... God knows when!! Hahahahahaha!! Just use whatever you feel comfortable. :)

meganklauer said...

Doesn't everyone live by the "she who dies with the most paper wins" rule? :0)
There is just so much great stuff out there who can resist buying one of each!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I have tried to reduce my stash numerous times and I still think I could win the "girl with the most paper" award. And much like you, I have not yet used up my last Scarlet Lime kits. I have GOT to get some scrap time. What a great RAK!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

:D i freak out when i have too much stash! you know that, right? LOL...

erna said...

actually.. i prefer using patterned paper as background.. roflol.. and also i have so many paper and i cant wait to use them all! :D

Ailei- Adeline said...

Ha ha am seriously becoming overstashed too, I think it's because I am not churning out as fast as I want!!!Thankfully I am here, sometimes less access is good for the pocket!

just lisa said...

I know what you mean about untouched kits sad. We have to have them and then never find time to use them.

I am hoping to find time to scrapbook this summer with a lot of my kits that I have never used.

I tried to comment on the top post - but it would not let me for some reason. Super cute Rock Star layout - loving all the colors and fun stuff!