Monday, March 30, 2009

It's the little things...

that goes a long way.

As most of my dear friends know, I've been battling with the Battle of the Bulge.

I've been feeling weird in my body...I cannot ignore the signs that I'm experiencing too.

I've put on far too much weight too fast in a short span of time which is really hazardous to my health. So if I can't afford a personal trainer to help me get started to get back into shape,

I've decided to make the little things in my everyday count in keeping that bulge down:

1) Opt for a healtheir breakfast meal - Instant oats with 2 spoons of Milo powder

2) Take the stairs to the 5th floor where the laboratories are each time I have a blood sample to process at my work place.

3) Go for a quick 30 min brisk walk each day after work and before dinner, maybe bring Daren along with me for a walk/quick run.

4) Avoid sugared/sweetened/carbonated drinks: I've unknowingly and happily been drinking far too much of these stuff since God knows when in the past year!! It's like a must-have everyday at home! But the calories are crazy!!

5) Go to bed earlier so that I can avoid snacking/supping late at night!

6) Bring salads to work for lunch.

I think the above are easily achievable and doable...just gotta tweak the changes in my everyday lifestyle. I started my instant oats for breakfast today! And I sure hope to be able to continue that everyday!!

Oats are good for the heart and should help to lower cholestrol over time.

(I have to listen to my heart...if not, I'm stressing it's health)


Did this on Sat night while watching Criminal Minds Season 3 on DVD

It was a really quick and simple layout.

The focus was more on the collage of photos randomly throughout my Perth Vacation and then printed on an A4 photo paper.

It's used as my "cover" page of my Perth trip in my travel album.

There's just something about the Perth Skies that makes the photos taken really awesome!!!


Glenda T. said...

Oh man I hear you on fighting the battle! I've slipped once again and am starting over as of today to be stronger and make better choices!! I hate when my pants start to get tight, that's my clue to kick it up a notch! haha Love that Perth layout, the blue sky and water is just gorgeous!! I too have an INSANE paper stash and am trying not to buy any more (wish me luck!!) haha

~Sasha Farina~ said...

beautiful layout Soph! And I'll be your cheering team okay? You can do it!!

Tina said...

Hey girlie,
Im doing ok just waiting for spring to hit iowa ( we got snow the other day...real depressing :)
loved how u used all those photos...ohh and what pretty photos..looks like an amazing place!
take care see ya soon over at TSM.