Friday, March 6, 2009

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack in updates!
I've been really busy with work.
So much so that when I get back home, I will just go into a "screensaver" mode in front of the computer and then decided I need to go sleep.
So no scrapping and blogging for the past couple nights.
But I will be back with updates of layouts I had done earlier for my DT challenges.
In the meantime,
I will draw the RAK for the posting for "What satisfaction means to you" on 8th Mar 2009, Sunday.
It's stamping related RAK.
So do post your comments and I will get Daren to draw one of your names!
(International Scrappers are welcome too!).
I've been such a Gong...I totally didn't indicate when the dateline to post the comment would be.
So please forgive me k?

1 comment:

redoaklines said...

aww... make sure you get some rest! you don't want to tire yourself out!