Saturday, March 7, 2009

Groovie Cover March Challenge

Just to share a layout I did for

Groovie Cover-It March Challenge

Here's the book cover that served as an inspiration:

And here's my layout that's being inspired by the book cover:

It's a simple take, playing with mostly rub-ons. The rub-on was bought in Perth, Australia when I went shopping there.

And I was surfing on the internet to look for a nice father-son poem which I wrote in blue.

Here's the poem:

Hero Dad
- by Joanna Fuchs

You are my hero, Dad
You're my secure foundation
When I think of you
I'm filled with love and fond appreciation.
You make me feel protected;
I'm sheltered by your care.
You're always my true friend;
When I need you, you're always there

You have a place of honor
Deep within my heart
You've been my superhero, Dad
Right fom the very start

Isn't the poem lovely? When I read it I was like," Wow!!"
This poem has best describe the father-son relationship which I'm so very privileged to witness at home.
I'm envious of my son for having such a wonderful relationship with his Dad.
(I grew up in a single-mom family, the closest love to a father's love was my beloved late-grandpa and my maternal Uncles)

I feel really blessed and privileged to know that super Dave is being such a wonderful Dad to Daren. There's really nothing more that I could ask for. It was a little hard for us both to adjust in the beginning as new parents, but I'm glad that Dave made the decision to journey with me to be an involved parent.
It's like, you can be a father by your child's birth, but being a DAD (endearing term that little ones call their fathers) and an involved parent is by making a choice and decision.
I've heard of how some other mum friends who will lament that their husbands do not really take much of an interest in what their children do and take an involved role in bonding with their children.

Mine? He will be on his knees when he's home from work to play with Daren, rough it out with him and get all silly with the boy.

So most evenings, I will hear squealing and lots of laughter!

And of course,
My dear Daren would insist that
"Daddy bathes me"
"Daddy makes sleep"
"Daddy poo me"
(his grammer and sentence structure is not there yet)

"Daddy, I want read Spot Says Goodnight"
And so Daddy "This" and Daddy "That"
In my little boy's eyes, Daddy is his superhero, stronger and better than all the X-Men in the world!

If you love the book cover as much as I was inspired by it, do come and play along with us over at Groovie Covers!

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redoaklines said...

if i can find the right picture, i think i'll play in this challenge. i love your take on it!