Friday, May 29, 2009


Took some time to blog
(yah...this is a none scrap related posting).
I was busy busy with Daren. He got the pox.
Chicken pox that is.
I took time off from work to care for him and to stop him from putting his finger to the poxes (is there ever such a word?) and picking at them and scratching them out. Offering to put calamine lotion every 2 hours or so to relieve him of the itch.
It's easier to manage in the daytime coz he's occupied with activities i.e. simple writing, drawing, colouring, join-the-dots or playing bowling with the plastic-make-believe pins or plastic golf clubs.
And that's not all.
we are having people coming to view our place.
We're selling off our home and in search for a bigger home since we plan to expand the family.
And by the Grace of God and beyond my expectations,
the valuation of our home was really high!
In fact, the valuation price alone had already profitted when we first purchased this first home of ours. And I'm pretty sure it might be enough to cover the renovation of our new home to come.
Nope, we have yet to find a new home yet. We were advised to sell off our current place and then start hunting for a new place once we've a confirmed buyer!
So we'll be pretty busy these few months to come!!!
I'm just praying and hoping that the "right" buyer that comes will fall head over heels in love with our house and doesn't mind paying a slightly premium price.
Wish Dave and I all the best!!!


Dorcas said...

hey darling, hope that Daren will be well in no time. And I miss scrapping with u !!!!!
crop session ???

~Sasha Farina~ said...

aww.. daring Daren.. get well soon! And good luck with house hunting Soph!

verysherry said...

Poor Daran...Hope he's feeling better! So its happening already? So exciting! All the best!