Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm back with some good news!!!!!

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Taken nearly 3 weeks ago.

This explains my sudden "dissapearance".

Thanks to Penny (TSM), Kelli (Pink Sketches) and Edleen (Groovie Covers) for your understanding and allowing me to take a temporal and needed break from scrapping during this short period of time while I'm still battling the tiredness and the "evening" sickness (yah, my morning sickness takes the late afternoon/evening shift).

As I was explaining to some of my DT founders, I'm found sitting in front my scrap supplies and spacing out!!! And then, I would leave them on the table and climb into bed and sleep!!!

I just saw my obstetrician on just this Wednesday, I was excited and hoped to have seen the little one's heartbeat....but I only saw a SAC.... which means I'm still relatively early in my pregnancy (despite delaying my visit to see my doctor by 2 weeks).

So, I'll have to go back for a follow-up visit in 2 weeks time and I pray that all will be smooth and well.

My energy levels are slightly better... I'm trying to get started my mojo engine and scrap...but I find myself doing it really slow (back to the good ol' beginning days)...

And oh yes.... Happy birthday to me! :)

Thank you dear friends who sent me your birthday wishes :) I greatly appreciate them and thank you for thinking of me too!

Hope to come back and share some layouts!!



Shyra said...

Ohhh! Congrats Sophia on your pregnancy! When is your bday? Happy birthday! Hope you had a great one! Take good care of yourself and the baby as well! :)

Edleen said...

firstly, Congratulations!!! glad that it's Positive and you rest well yeah :)

Happy Birthday Groovie Girl and wishing you the Best Always!

stinkydudette said...

Today's your birthday? Happy Birthday!! *huggies*

And congratulations on the addition to the family. yay!!

Ailei- Adeline said...

Happy birthday gal!!! and Congratulations on the good news...dun worry, rest well and you will be blessed bountifully!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Happy belated Birthday Sophia !!! What a wonderful birthday too ...
Congrats on getting preggers :) Take care of yourself and precious cargo :)


~Sasha Farina~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweetheart.. and congratulations! what a great news eh!! I'm so happy for you.. rest well!

TheresaK said...

Huge congrats to you!!!!!!

Chok Keun said...

Congrats to ya, Sophia!