Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello Reality!!

I'm back from San Francisco. It is an amazing place, with diverse cultures and people and its climate/temperature. I totally love the picturesque place and of course, the shopping!!!! American brands in USA itself is always a good 30 - 40% cheaper than buying them in Singapore...yes despite the whopping 9.5% sales tax that we tourists have to pay and we cannot get a refund back at the airport!

So Dave and I shopped to our hearts' content. We bought lotsa clothes for Daren at GAP (downtown SF) and Carter's (outlet mall) , a surprise toy for Daren which I had to order online - thanks to Sarah's and Gloria's help, COACH bags at the outlets, some Bath and Body works handwash (totally love the fragrance since I used it at Sarah's place), etc etc.

Since being back, I've been nursing a sore throat/cough that developed on board the plane while coming back home, recovering from the Jet Lag and being thrown into my piles of work... Again... sigh.

Hello Reality....

After a happy trip to SF with Dave, I'm now back to my reality - at work and facing throngs of unfinished business that I must now face once again and try to conquer them.... as if things are not rosy as it is... I'm required, no, demanded by a fellow colleague to start working late nights and weekends... and nope, I don't think my boss is aware what's been made of us.

I just feel so torn and starting to stress out now... with Dave travelling for work next week and I'm required to work late nights, how on earth am I supposed to be home with Daren? To start packing for the impending move that's to take place in a mere 2 months - away to my mom's and part to be sent to the storage?

I'm starting to get 'bouts of anxiety again.... bummer....many a times I wish I can just quit and look for a simpler and happier job. Is that option even open now? I don't think so... whatever it is, I'm just hanging on for monetary reasons (which is sad but practical).

sigh.... anywayz, I'll try to update my blog with happier things like photos of my trip to SF and recent layouts that I managed to get done while in SF and visiting Sarah.

In the meantime, do check out DreamGirls challenge blog! They're up with a new challenge and the divas totally rock that challenge! Wish I had ample time to do the challenge too!


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