Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Francisco Part 2 - With Sarah and Gloria

Saturday 22.08.2009
(Continuation of my day with Sarah and Gloria)

And they brought us to this beautiful place called the Legend of Honor - a place where they exhibit historical artifacts (i.e. Dead sea scrolls), etc. I love the Greecian feel of this place.

Took a quick picture with Sarah when we hopped off the car.

Dave and I.

Another pic with Sarah for the scrapbooks!

Love the above inscription!

Love the details on the underbelly of the arc frame!

Love this pic!

A replica of Rodin's - The Thinker

Photos taken by David.

Next stop after coming downhill from Legion of Honor - Golden Gate Bridge.

But alas! It was a really foggy foggy day (it was already 1 plus pm)

And this is all we could take of the bridge.

(I was really dissappointed by the FOG...I read so much about walking along the bridge and taking some awesome photos online but.... nevermind there's always a next time *right Dave?*)

So we headed to the Coit Tower! Another famous landmark in San Francisco!

Here's one of Dave with the stately tower:

Our perspective of the tower.

This is the famous Lombard Street - The Crookedest Street!

Photo was taken from the carpark of the Coit Tower.
We went to Chinatown for a quick lunch break at one of the Hong Kong Cafe style restaurant. The food servings were huge!!! Sorry! No photos...we were way too hungry!
I totally love the Renaissance feel of the whole place! It's whimsically romantic!!! I totally heart this place! My breath was totally taken away!
Now I wish I could do my bridal photos with Dave here!!! Hmmm, maybe for our 10th wedding anniversary? (I still have my wedding gown)... time to lose the excess kilos that I've piled on... oh Dave!!!!!!!
Don't you just {heart} this place??

A couple pic.

One for the scrapbooks with Sarah!

A random shot of a couple having their bridal photos taken.

I'm not a very renaissance artsy person, but I sure love the above two pictures of the architecture! The details are so intricate and amazing!

A parting shot with the palace of fine arts.

Next Stop - The Painted Ladies

I thought it's a feature of some theatre actors/actresses dressing up during the Vicorian times sitting in an original Victorian home with all Victorian Decor.

But no...they are these:

Interesting huh?

Apparently these are the original Victorian houses here and Sarah/Gloria was telling me that they have to maintain the original structure and overall design of the houses when new buyers buy over the place. There are 6 of the houses but one of them is under renovation works so we kinda shift the camera to crop that house out.

Love the beautiful garden bed across The Painted Ladies. Just had to take a picture with Sarah and sweet Maui!

And before our day ended, we took a drive down Lombard Street - The Crookedest Street!

Thanks Sarah and Gloria for being the hostesses with the mostest!!!

We covered much ground than expected and we had a great time!!

Oh man...I totally fall in love with both your pups... especially "The little man" - Hilo... his behaviour somewhat reminded me of Daren :P Playful but yet affectionate.

That's all for Day 1's photos.

More to come...do stay tuned!


Anonymous said...


i'm so glad you both had a lot of fun. we had fun too!

maui and hilo miss you both!


ps: you guys got some really great photos!!!!!

June said...

I love love love your SF pictures. Brings back so much memories for me. The Palace of Fine Arts is just so romantic.

Ah Mei said...

Sophia, lovely photos leh... If I didnt know you and been to your place, I would have thought those couple shots were your honeymoon shots :) So lovey-dovey :)