Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Layouts to Share

Alrighty, some layouts to share before I post more of my San Francisco trip Day 2 onwards.

First Up for Pink Sketches:

For Sketch #44

For Sketch #45

And guess what? Kelli is having a Design Team Search! If you fancy sketches and love scrapbooking, we welcome you to come join us!

Hop on over to our Pink Sketches blog for more details!!


This layout was delayed for Sept's challenge but I got it done anyway after recovering from a nasty cough and sore throat (I'm still recovering).

This month's challenge is all about your daily rituals and routines. To share them. So I just shared Daren's daily MUST-Have as part of his everyday routine.

Here it is:


Here's the layout that I got done in Sunnyvale, C.A when I was over at Sarah's place:


I'm slowly catching my groove back in scrapping ... but work now is taking precedence in my priorities after my family.

I was just sitting and thinking what to scrap for my DT assignments, yet at the back of my brain I keep thinking about my workload... and I realized that scrapbooking and blogging can become full-time jobs all on their own!!

I was totally amazed at how some people I know of are "speedsters"! They can churn out 4-5 in a day!!!

(Pssst! You know who you are *winks*)

I can sometimes sit at my scrap table for an hour or two, stare at my photos and supplies and have them stare right back at me! And at times, I still cannot get anything done!


So I'm gonna pace myself and not get stressed out with my DT work... if need be, I will request for a sabbathical break or a step-down...whichever works best for everyone (DT owners and myself).

I'm grateful and thankful that Dorcas (MomentsRecorded) and Edleen (Groovie Covers) are graciously covering for me during this period of time. Though I feel bad towards them both - I feel as though I'm letting them down in one way or another, but their friendship and support are so precious to me.

In the meantime, thank you for still coming by my blog from time to time.

Whoever you are.

And stay tune for more updates on SFO and RAKs!!!!!

I'm gonna be going through my stash and start to pull out items to de-stash!
Coz I'll be moving house in a couple months time and I seriously need to lessen my moving load.

How about this? Add yourselves as followers to my blog if you haven't already and to double your chance for winning a RAK, leave me a comment with the following:

1) Who you are and where you're from

2) Your blog addy (if any, so that I can leave you some love)

3) What you like about my blog/scrapbooking works.

Isn't that simple?

I think it's a fun way of getting to know you my fellow scrapblog friends!
International friends are welcome to join in too!

So join my blog and leave me some love by 20th Sept 2009 - 1159hrs Singapore Time!



Anonymous said...

hehehe!!!! 4-5 layouts?! hmmmm, who can do that?! that sounds impossible! ;)

love all of the latest! :) i think they are all "lovely" esp the one you finished at our place! :)

hope you are well.
take pics of daren with his cool new toy!


erna said...

helloo.. have add myself as a follower.. i always love RAKs! =)

1) i'm erna, get to know u from the SMH forum..

2) my blog: http://ourlittleblessing.wordpress.com

3) i looooooove ur sb style! ur LO are so eye-catching and look vert pleasing to the eyes..

Bliss said...

Hi sophia!
Wanted to add myself as follower but i don't know why blogger just doesn't want to load that little column!

1)melissa here! where did i know you ?? well, doesn't matter but time flies so fast and want to thank you for being with me throughout my breastfeeding days and thos up and down!

2)blog: www.babyaizea@blospot.com

3)I love how you make your layout with full of surprise. Simple yet touches my heart. Journalling is always so meaningful and i really love that white LO!!

Ailei- Adeline said...

Hi hi...glad to see that you are bouncing back slowly but surely...

I must say, I really can't remember when and how we came to know each other, must be through blog hopping!

Anyway, just to share that I like the sensitivity and emotions that u display in your journalling most. Really touches my heart, and I think that's what SB should be about. More as a memory record and keepsake of that moment in time than about challenges or datelines or beautifying up pics. But I sure have been missing your works!

khengyan said...

Me ... Kheng Yan aka KY from the Jan 2006 SMH forum mummies n recently the scrapping thread in it 8>

Blog ... u know it's access-controlled as it's all about my kids but if u need that for record ... http://the-ng-babies.blogspot.com/

Luv ... how u have grown over the past 3 yrs sharing your passion in SB and persisting thru' your beliefs in life. I still remember seeing u did your FIRST doodle (at MWL basic class) ... n it's still one of those strong points I remember u by.


Ah Mei said...

Hi Sophia,

Mei Ling here... Hop into your blog from SMH then to Pink Sketches then to Dorcus' then yours... Wow... lovely works you've done!

Hope you are coping well with packing for new home, catching up with work while maintaining quality time at home, not to mentioned this SB hobby :) I'm sure you'll do just fine :)

Will pop by every now and then to see your beautiful works :)

Before I go, the doodles you did in your album of precious LO when I visited your home for cropping session left a lasting impression and that's what I like about your works, DOODLING... keep it going :)

See me at http://meiling1110.blogspot.com/