Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's been a while

Hi everyone! How's everyone been?

I nearly forgot that I even had a blog! LOL! Now that is really bad isn't it?

I've finally moved and settled into my new place albeit there's still much things that needs tweaking and some minor touches of embellishing the new place with pots of plants.

Moving on in 2010 definitely. New year and new changes.

In fact, lots of new changes.

In fact, I've moved on away from my DTs... well, Dreamgirls is kinda defunct now, which was slightly a shocker for me as I thought the challenge blog was really fun to do though I was on a break and I thought it was going on strong. But nevertheless, I wish Dolores all the best in her new venture! I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be working alongside great and amazing and inspiring talented ladies!

I've moved on from Pink Sketches. Since Kelli is having a break from the sketch blog and we won't know for sure when she's coming back to it, I decided maybe to just step out for good. It's been a great run with Kelli and the Pink Sketches team! I've known tremendous people and had met really nice ladies. In fact, Pink Sketches was my first DT and I do feel nostalgic about Pink. But all good things must come to and end eh?

I've moved on from The Story Matters.... well I think I've been dropped, but doesn't really matter :) They have a new lease of life and it's became a kit club in Penny Smith's hometown in Iowa (I think - I'm so not good with the geography of USA). And I believe it's going in the right direction and it's great to see Penny bringing in more new talents to work the kit and the challenge! I'm really grateful for the opportunity that you (Penny) had given me. I really think out of the box on some topics and tried scrapping out of my comfort zone. And I've had more personal pages than I didn't think I would have coz it's a natural inclination to be scrapping more on your little-tyke (now pre-schooler) or family as a whole.

I still have yet to get back to the Groovie Forum though I would very much love to! In fact I should drop by and say Hi! sometime this week. I really missed the groovie ladies there!

So what have I been up to? Nothing much really...just work...contract's been extended till June 2010 which is a good thing. So I'm looking around for a new job/new portfolio to go to. Job hunting is no fun, what with things like interview and all...I feel really rusty going for interviews...I really have no idea what to say anymore... I'm working for the sake of having to work to earn my own keep...

On the scrapping front...well, I did a last minute impromptu farewell gift for an ex-colleague whose gone of to UK for good and I put together a couple of pages for colleagues to sign all around, giving her their best wishes as well as scrapped some pictures of her and her husband (they just got married)...and that was that in December last year.

Till date, I've yet to scrap a single layout since moving into my new place.

Oh where, oh where did my mojo go? Oh where, oh where could it be???

Anyway, I should be coming back with some photos to share, taken over the past few months while we were in transition and in between homes.

Till then, thanks for always checking back!


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