Saturday, April 17, 2010

Still here!!!! RAK winner

So sorry!

Just when I thought I have the time to start updating.... LOL. I started staying late for work AGAIN... after 2 months hiatus and what I thought normalcy is coming back to my life.

Anyway, and the winner is..... Tinkerbell!!!!


Pls give my little a kiss. I just asked him to randomly point to either postings in the comments and his finger pointed to yours!

Kindly email me at with your address so that I can send out the RAK pack to you! =)

Till then....

p/s: I just did something really exciting... well, it's the final closure of the chapter of my life for this I'm gonna move on!


Tinkerbell said...

*MUACKS* Daren ! Thank you Sophia !


Stacy Koo said...

Congrats Tinkerbell! :) Hahaha... Darren will get it from me when i next see him... hahaha....

Edleen said...

Happy Mother's Day Sophia!!!

hope to catch up soon :)