Friday, June 20, 2008

2 LOs to Share

These 2 LOs are long overdue to be shared. I actually scrapped this sometime in April, and left the journalling bits for Dave to journal after a US work trip and Beijing shooting trip and weeks later, he finally journalled after some pushing =P
Hope it's not too late to share my backdated LOs here.

(Click on photos for bigger and clearer view)
{Boys Only}
Journalling says for {Boys Only}:
Boxing Day - Today we unwrapped all of your X'mas presents. I must say, I was kinda more excited. I was eager to see you play, which you did. You were so intriqued at how the toy works....well, so was I =) We had fun putting it together... hmmm, think you took it off and I put it back. As always, with luv, Dad

{Follow Your Dreams}

Above journalling is for D's eyes only from his dad =)

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