Monday, June 16, 2008

{World's Greatest Best Dad in my eyes}

Presenting a LO I did last night for Father's Day after settling D to bed:

(Click on images for clearer view)
World's Greatest Best Dad

In My Eyes

The LODave's inspiring journalling which he claimed he thought of, he ain't sure if it's somewhere he read from or he really made this up. It says:

'There comes a time when every man, however dignified, regardless of stature, will go down on all fours and make a complete fool of himself. All for the pleasure of one. That time.... Fatherhood.

The opened up hidden journalling and extra photos.

I've got a very personal journalling for my husband (but too personal to publish), but the main points are as follows:

Dedicated to my darling husband whom I'm so amazed by his committment to our son and to me. Especially when our son was running the highest temperature ever and totally lost his appetite, who was so weak and needed to sleep on someone; you sacrificed yourself and whatever everyday pleasures you wanted to indulge in (t.v, games, shooting) to just be his 'mattress'. You've never failed to let him be so comfortable sleeping on you from the newborn days even to now. These are just the little examples of things that you've done for him unconsciously and for that, i thank you!

More pictures of details can can see on my flickr photos, just click on my humble gallery on the left side bar.

On the LO:

Used up my ThreeBugsinaRug PP for the background (finally found a way to use it!!), Theresa Collins' Journal It PP, black and red corrugated paperboard from Popular and corrugated board for the focal picture and hidden photos and journalling. 7G themed stickers "D for Best Dad", 7G gaffer tape and MR's chipboard arrow.

Idea of corrugated board for main pic and hidden journalling is inspired by my last class with Aida in Oct at MWL. Swinging Arrow idea to hold the flip page was from observing Carol's work (contestant at Scrap Idol's finals) displayed at MWL yesterday.


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