Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scrappy Randomness

Finished up a LO for Pink Sketches =) I'm really getting the hang of it and getting faster with my takes on the LO. Will share some snapshots of it end of the post.

It was happy scrappy mail day for me yesterday. My LUXE package came in yesterday! I was in a "Sex and The City" craze and actually ordered the Carrie kits, Miranda Kits and Samantha Kits!!! Why the craze? Well, frankly speaking.... I've never ever watched the TV series ever before! Heard about it, but never had the chance to watch it as they don't air on the regular local channels (for the content I suppose) and we don't subscribe to HBO either.

Then the movie came out and I was hooked!! I started asking friends around me who might have the collection of the past season episodes and a dear dear scrappy friend does have them! Not complete but good enough! I watched Season 1, 3, 4 and 6... and then the entire show all made sense to the happenings in the movie!!! LOL! This is what we Singaporeans call, Mountain Tortoise!!!

And I received my Sept Unity Stamps Kit from dear Aniza while I passed her share of the LabelTulip kits. Delish I tell you!!!


Found some photos of a card that I made when I sent one of my RAKs out. Totally forgot about it!!

A photo to share - don't expect too much k? I'm really bad at cardmaking. This is my 2nd card?
And I know my dear friend Sherry is still waiting for her 1st handmade card from me!!!! Ok ok It's coming!!! LOL! (Pssst! Can I scrap a LO or alter something for you instead???)


On a sidenote...

Do you get stumped by really loud patterns and bright colors and it seemed really hard to use those type of pattern papers? Well, honestly, I did!

I honestly did have a tough time using my August Kit from Scarlet Lime!!! I love the papers don't get me wrong, I believe the possibilities are endless!!! BUT... I was stumped in how to "work" it and use the papers for a LO. Seriously, it's been a challenge.


Challenges are what makes it interesting ain't it?

I just "bite the bullet" and went with the flow, trusting whatever my eyes tells me and liked what I see and just put them together. Many of the really humble and ultra talented local scrappers would share that they just "dump it on"!!! LOL! So long the eyes tells you that "This Rocks!!!" I suppose it's safe?

Do chat with me what you think about the really loud and colorful yet oh-so-beautiful pattern papers?

Before I go, some snapshots of the LO I did waiting for the reveal this Sunday. =)

Thanks for coming by my blog once again!! =)

I'm planning for a next RAK so do stay tuned!!


Brit Swiderski said...

I think your card is cute! The more you do, the easier it becomes, I promise. I just think of it as a mini scrapbook page with the sentiment or phrase substituting for the photo. Can't wait to see your full layout soon!


redoaklines said...

i thought that card came out wonderfully! :)

and i have all of the seasons of sex in the city! it is totally addicting! once you get your hands on them, you're gonna be glued to it! hehe

and your sneek peak is making me anxious to see what you came up with!

hugs, sarah.

Stacy said...

ok! haha i'm definitely hooked to your site. HA! The sneak peaks are so tempting, I think I will just wait for 12 midnight sharp on Sunday to view. :)

I agree totally with u on the loud and colourful papers that u'll wana use but really it's difficult to use! Haha, need to seek inspiration from u, thus I'll be waiting... LOL...

verysherry said...

Looking forward to your card! heehee