Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Updated with picture of the RAK I'm giving away

Hey peeps!
As promised, picture of the RAK I'm giving to a randomly drawed reader who leaves me a comment on my posting on "A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words" in my interpratation of the challenge I did for The Story Matters

I hope you're liking it!

It's a Maya Road People Accordion Chipboard and some yummy Prima flowers which I've bought recently and would like to share some with you.

And I'll be EXTENDING the dateline to 13th Nov 2008 (Singapore time) to randomly draw from the readers' comments.

Come play along k?
Post your comment HERE.

Also, if you're just a "silent passing ship" please don't pass me by without saying, "Hi!" I would love to get to know you and say ,"Hi" on your blog too!!! So, don't be shy! Leave me some love!!


eMeLiNe said...

thanks Sophia for dropping by !! :) LOVE the songs on your playlist !!

Anonymous said...

o0o0o, such fun stuff in that RAK! :) but you'll have to count me out. i don't want you to ship too far out to me!

besides, i have tons of stuff to give away as well... that's why i keep doing RAKs. hehe

how's your sketch coming along for this week?